Dead Rising 4 Celebrates 7 Billion Zombie Deaths With ‘Street Fighter’ Update

Dead Rising 4 Celebrates 7 Billion Zombie Deaths With ‘Street Fighter’ Update

OK, pull your eyes away from that Cammy costume for a second. To mark the many, many, many, many dead-again zombies slayed at the hands of players, Capcom will push out an update for Dead Rising 4 that will include new difficulty modes, Street Fighter costumes and a limited trial for undecided Xbox One owners.

The seven-billion (un)dead figure comes from a post by the game’s executive producer, Bryce Cochrane, over on Capcom Unity. This number is significantly greater than the other statistic shared by Cochrane:

…[players have] taken over three million photos and selfies, eclipsing most of the Kardashian family on any given weekend.

Alrighty then.

So, the update. You can expect two new difficulty modes that lower weapon durability, reduce healing from food and boost zombie damage, while on the content side, five Street Fighter-themed outfits await you, like the skimpy, imagination-destroying number above.

Finally, a free, 60-minute trial version with access to both the single and multi-player components will become available for Xbox One owners.

All of this should be available by the end of the month — the Unity post says January 30 for the difficulty modes and costumes and the 31st for the trial, so probably January 31 and February 1 for us.

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