Death Star Battle Becomes Planet Coaster Ride

Planet Coaster has yielded some impressive creations, but this one takes the cake in terms of ambition.

Chuck Maurice created a whole damn Death Star battle in Planet Coaster. This isn't just some rinky dink carnival ride, either. It looks like heckin' Star Wars. Check it out:

It's a little too dark in places, but the overall effect is pretty excellent. I'm an especially big fan of the way it opens and closes with a "warp" to light speed. Then there's the Death Star trench run, which, in hindsight, has "roller coaster fodder" written all over it.

You can download the coaster for your own game here, if you want. Now if you'll excuse me, I, a 27-year-old human infant, am gonna go force choke back some vomit.


    Does it work in VR?

      I don't think they've confirmed it at all, though there was a comment or something from them a little while back that seemed to imply it may be on the horizon.

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