Elite: Dangerous Players Have Finally Found Aliens

After years of teases and winks and hints throughout the Elite: Dangerous universe, players are today reporting that they have finally made "first contact" with aliens in the game. And they are big.

DP Sayre, a player on Xbox One, made the discovery earlier today, when he was wrenched out of hyperspace then treated to a tense little cutscene before the UFO makes its first appearance.

Developers Frontier seemingly confirmed the event with this tweet:

That thing is huge.

He encountered it jumping to "ARIES DARK REGION XU-O B6-3" if you're in the game and want to try it yourself.


    Video thumbnail is "F*** off Kotaku"

    Wonder why?

      The uploader has a beef with the brand, although I can't speak to the specifics. In any case, I've updated the post with a new link.

      Because hotlinking and because Kotaku never learns.

        yeah its to do with ad revenue according to the original guy

    Whoop!!! Busy today but will be flying tonight. ALIENS WOOHOO.

    I didn't even know this game existed and I'm still hyped!

    I wonder if they're pissed that we've been farming their barnacles for meta-alloys for so long...

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