Enjoy This Han Solo Fan Film While You Wait For The Next Star Wars Spinoff

We heard that we might have to wait a little longer to see the young Han Solo Star Wars Story movie. While you're waiting, why not check out this nifty fan film that gives a little taste of just how fun a pre-A New Hope Han Solo film could be?

Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade — directed by Keith Allen and written by Allen, Jared Bell and Nathan Nauert — follows Han a few years before the events of the original trilogy, as he attempts to swindle cards, blast his way out of his troubles and make a living as a swarthy smuggler.

It's short, but it hits all the quintessential Han Solo-y vibes — deals gone awry, cantina room brawls and, yes, beloved wookiee partners-in-space-crime. Jamie Costa as the titular young smuggler isn't half bad at emulating the swagger and drawl of a young Harrison Ford, either. Considering it's looking like Lucasfilm's Han spinoff won't be out till nearer the end of 2018, you have plenty time to put this on loop and get in the mood.


    Just saying, from the horses mouth, Doug really enjoyed working on this short, a lot.

    I watched this a week or two ago and its one of the more perplexing fan films I have seen. The production values are just all over the place! Looks to be shot on good gear and the costumes are all great...But some of the sets and green screen stuff are jarring in comparison. Especially that curtained area in the cave?!? Like was that just in the cave?

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