Explore A Relaxing Island In Fruits Of A Feather

Explore A Relaxing Island In Fruits Of A Feather

Fruits of a Feather is a light and breezy relaxation game where players can soar around a picturesque island as a hawk. With hidden caverns to explore and countless fruit to find, it’s a wonderful way to unwind and a very Cool Indie Game.

Developed by Samurai Punk and featuring music from Skeletone Audio, Fruits of a Feather derives a lot of strength from simplicity. There’s a very simple goal to collect various fruit around the island. For players seeking a challenge or who have a completionist streak, this provides direction. But the game never positions this goal as a requirement. It’s a suggestion. You’re free to fly around at your own leisure for as long as you want. You can play a focused session and collect fruit for five minutes or just swoop and dive for an hour. It’s up to you.

It helps that the game is so vibrant. The island is bright and filled with trees, ruins and beach shores. There’s a genuine sense of speed whether you’re high in the clouds or zipping through a cave. Mellow ambient music also gives the experience charm. It’s easy to lose yourself in the game.

Explore A Relaxing Island In Fruits Of A Feather

That sense of escape is important. While plenty of games offer diverse experience like deadly robot battles or quirky dog dates, Fruits of a Feather doesn’t particularly seek to break the mould. Instead, it simply offers a playground to enjoy. Not revelatory but certainly comfortable.

If you’re looking for 20 minutes to catch your breath after a rough day, you might want to consider sitting down and going on a quick scavenger hunt for some fruit.

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