Fans Put Out Their Controllers For Good Game

Fans Put Out Their Controllers For Good Game

By now you’ve most likely heard that Good Game, ABC 2’s long running video game show, has been cancelled.

In response, fans of the show have been paying tribute, but putting their controllers out.

If you jump on Twitter and click the tag #putoutyourcontrollers you’ll see that an astonishing number of twitter users have been expressing their displeasure at the show’s cancellation by mimicking the #putoutyourbats hashtag used to honour the passing of cricket player Phillip Hughes.

It’s a really cool gesture. Some Australian game studios have been getting in on the act:

The movement is gathering steam online.

Such an awesome way to pay tribute to the show. We’ll miss it. Very strange decision on the ABC’s part to cancel the show.


  • I love when Aus comes together for a reason like this.
    Kinda makes me wish twitter was around when Jade and Ryan left cheez Tv

    • When you look back at it, Junglist was a pretty sub-par host.

      I used to be disappointed at his replacement, but he truly was the weakest link in the show by a long shot.

      • This, Old GG was a boring sausage fest. I enjoyed the show a lot more once Hex was brought on. The show also got a much bigger audience once hex came on.

  • I didn’t expect to have my tweet and photo highlighted here. Thanks for all the support from you guys at kotaku. I’m just hoping it means something.

  • Just like Onions out for Abbott, Dicks out for Harambe, etc. pointless things with pointless meanings.

  • The ABC release I read this morning said that the reason it was ending was because “two presenters” had decided to move on and implied that was the reason for the cancellation, but hearing of Bajo and Hex’s surprise and upset, methinks something afoul is afoot.

    • i’m guessing it is because they wern’t expecting the ABC to pull the plug on it just because hex and nichboy left, they could have kept going with just Bajo and Goose

    • Hex and Nichboy quit, supposedly poached by Seven for a new gaming show. So expect to see that cancelled in a year and both of them disappear.

      Janet the EP had already left but was replaced, so the ABC wanted it to proceed… until Hex and Nich left. I guess losing Hex to a rival network show was the straw and ABC yanked it.

      While most of the crew are probably ABC staff so will just move on to other projects, you have to think that a few are now without a job. That’s got to carry some guilt.

  • ABC I will not be putting out my controllers to pay tribute to Good Game cancelling their show I mean after 9 seasons you can’t even broadcast Season 10. When am I going to see a review for the Nintendo Switch or some sh** Why don’t you bring back Junglist or something like that to host a different video game show for me or something like that this is absolutely f**ked up! It is not an awesome way to pay tribute to the show ABC you’re the ones that should be axed!

    • Not to sound silly but if the petition doesn’t work maybe get a group of fans together and start your own version on YouTube. Maybe even YouTube Red?

      • Definitely wouldn’t be able to save it in its current form, dynamics would change without two of the hosts, but it does allow room for new presenters and for the show to evolve. It could result in really beneficial changes, we won’t know if they don’t do it though

    • Good on ya Zac for your effort, I have signed the petition and shared on Facebook. Even if the presenters left the show there’s no need to can it. Imagine if they canned Home and Away just because some of the cast members quit. I remember when the actress who played Pipa changed…..

  • Meh, GG has been lousy for the last few years, we should have been mourning it when “Tiny Power” started, especially it’s horrific second season, and they still thought they should reduce the focus from games to bad videos.

  • It is a terrible shame to see the ABC axe another long running popular show that informs its viewers.
    the ABC has lost its purpose and will eventually lose any reason to exist.
    GG should have at least tried another season with a new co-host.

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