Final Fantasy 14 Inspires Live-Action TV Drama In Japan

It's called Final Fantasy 14: Daddy Of Light and is apparently the first time that FF has been the basis of a live-action TV show.

[Image: Model Press]

[Image: Model Press]

According to Model Press, the show is about the bond that develops between a son and a father while playing the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 14.

[Image: 光のお父さん]

It's inspired by a Japanese blog by a FF14 player who wrote a series of posts called "The Father of Light" about his 60-something year-old father playing the online game. (Note that the Japanese title 光のお父さん or "Hikari no Otousan" is the same for the blog and the TV show. The official English translations are slightly different.)

Final Fantasy 14: Daddy Of Light will star Ren Osugi, who often appears in Beat Takeshi's films, as the father. Yudai Chiba will play his son.

[Image: Model Press]

The TV drama will mix live-action and in-game scenes to tell the father and son's story.

Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light will debut on Japanese television this April. 


    I got a very different vibe from the show when I read "Daddy of Light"

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