Honest Trailers Reminds Us How Weird Final Fantasy 15 Is

Final Fantasy XV is weird. Very weird.

I mean all Final Fantasy games are kinda weird, but this one is especially weird. But yeah, there is good in there. Who doesn't want to go on a handsome man boy band road trip? At least it fulfilled that one, niche dream I've always had. One to tick off the bucket list.

I like this Honest Trailer. It's funny, fair, and actually saves me the 100 hours it would probably take to play and finish the game.


    Who doesn't want to go on a handsome man boy band road trip?

    Computer says no.

    Chapter 13 is nowhere near as bad as everyone whines about. If i was a reviewer with a deadline, maybe I'd understand. However, I played over 2 months doing quests in a lazily fashion and really welcomed the linear path at the end which mixes the best parts of Xenogears' existential anxiety with Jesus archetype.

      Watched Jesse Cox play through the game and I agree on his opinion on chapter 13. It's actually a very good chapter, but it's placed horribly within the game. A chapter like that should have been somewhere in the middle of the open world focused early stuff to break things up a little, but as it stands it's a very slow paced story section coming after hours of plot railroading just beforehand.

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    Homies, dudes and playas before Lady Lunafreyas.

    Spot on review.

    After reading everything about how Noctis is just another reluctant/emo/brooding JRPG stereotype, I've found that I don't find him that reluctant/emo/brooding... though he is still definitely an JRPG stereotype. Maybe it's just because I've played so many games with insufferable characters of that type that Noct actually seems relatively cheery and friendly in comparison.

      He got labeled an emo early on because he looked broody and has a resemblance to a certain emo Naruto character but yeah the reality is he's a pretty cheery and goofy guy who only really gets moody when it makes sense for anyone to i.e. friends/family possibly being hurt or dying. He doesn't even angst a little about being forced into an arranged marriage (mostly because he actually likes his fiance).
      His great passions are naps, friends and fishing. Not what you'd really call emo.

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        Yeah I think his fashion sense and hair cut don't help the issue. That said, I guess there are some dialogue choices you could make to force him into the moody stereotype, but they often felt jarring with what I considered his character to be. But you're right: naps, mates and fishing, sounds like a pretty good bloke to me.

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