Final Fantasy 15’s New Photo Mode Is A Welcome Addition

Final Fantasy 15’s New Photo Mode Is A Welcome Addition

The most recent Final Fantasy XV update gave us a new camera mode that allows players to take their own pictures. Although Prompto is the best boy and a great photographer, you now won’t have to rely on him for getting all the photos you need. Here’s a few tips on how it works.

If you’re like me — incredibly dense — you might have had some trouble finding the camera in the first place. At the Moogle Chocobo Carnival you’ll get a short tutorial on how it works, but maybe you also have something you just gotta snap a picture of right now. Never fear! You press R2 to bring up the item menu, and then left, and the camera should be selectable.

From there, it’s a little bit more than point and click. While you can’t change the exposure or depth of field, you do have access to all the filters Prompto has unlocked. You’ll also be able to rotate shots with the right stick and zoom with the trigger buttons. This video from YouTuber VGBites has a few more pointers on the new photo mode.

If you want to view these pictures or share them on social media, they won’t be in the same album as Prompto’s — Noctis has his own gallery. However, the patch that adds the new camera mode does not raise the 150 cap on photos. This is a huge bummer! You’ll just have to make every photo count.

I had a lot of fun with the camera mode during the Moogle Chocobo Carnival once I figured out how to get it to work right. When you’re framing the world through a camera’s lens, you notice a lot of small things you might not have before. I had a lot of fun chasing down the sort of weird NPCs at the Carnival, for instance, but I did miss this couple.

So go forth and take pictures, gentle readers! It’s great to see other players are recording just the most important things with the new camera mode.

Final Fantasy 15’s New Photo Mode Is A Welcome AdditionSource: Whitehawkx

Source: Whitehawkx

I’m sure the Chocobros will cherish this memory forever.