FlatOut 4 Has Been Classified In Australia

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In news that will probably disappoint every fan of the franchise, another FlatOut game is still coming.

Not much has been said about FlatOut 4: Total Insanity since it was announced at GamesCom in 2015. It's not being made by Bugbear, of course, which immediately dampened expectations. And the fact that the game's own website hasn't been updated since then doesn't help either.

But work has been continuing. Just before Christmas, the Classification Board slapped a PG rating on FlatOut 4: Total Insanity. The game was originally being published by Strategy First, but it's now being looked after by French outfit Bigben Interactive.

Image: Classification Board

According to a press release pushed out in November - which went completely under everybody's radar, by the looks of things - FlatOut 4 is due for release this March. It's being developed by the same team behind the WRC 5 and WRC 6 series, so at least there's some pedigree. Still wouldn't get my hopes up, mind you.

Update: Wrote Criterion in an earlier iteration when I meant to say Bugbear (who, as someone noted, is still working on Wreckfest). My bad.


    What are you expecting? Me, I want derby cars bashing into shit and exploding, with lots of ridiculous stunt maps to go with it.

      Flat out and Flat out 2... utterly brilliant.

      Flat out 3... holy shit what crap. So many flatout fans got burnt with that arse game.

      Personally I won't be getting flatout 4. I got burnt on 3 and the guys who made the original flatouts now have a new car game called Wreckfest which gives me a happy.

        I remember going into LAN cafes with my friends on during the school holidays just to play hours of Flatout 2 to see how many times we could crash the game with all the explosions. Such good memories

    Why would fans of the series care if Criterion where developing it? They didn't make any of the first three....

      I was wondering the same thing. I suspect someone has got FlatOut confused with Burnout.

        I really wish EA would let Criterion go back to making Burnout games.

          I thought Criterion were dead?

            Nope. Their last developed game was only released last year, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission. OK, technically it's DLC, but it's something.

            Last edited 04/01/17 11:51 am

              Huh, I could've sworn people were saying they got shut down. I guess that's good then.

                I think they're still around, but a lot of the key people have left. Some of them made Dangerous Golf last year.

      Exactly what I was thinking. I'm disappointed Bugbear aren't developing it. Really need to finally get around to buying Wreckfest.

    Bugbear made the first two. They are the ones behind Wreckfest, which is a spiritual successor.

    ive got wreckfest on steam, its been in a fairly stale state for a long time. i hope its really good by the time it finishes up.

    what i wouldnt give to see a criterion made Burnout game again.... ahh, so many memories.

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