For This Dragon Ball Cosplay, You Need Giant Muscles

Dragon Ball character Nappa is beefy. So if you want to cosplay as him, make sure you have, well, beef.

[Image: camera_net via taichi-shimizu]

You know, like body builder Taichi Shimizu does. Previously, Kotaku featured Shimizu's spot-on Zangief cosplay, and today, here is his Nappa one from last December's Comic Market.


    What an awesome dude!

    Battle damaged uniform is definitely the way, you can tell he loves the source material.

    This guy has so much potential for cosplay, i'd love to see anything from Fist of the North Star :)

    Wonder how many times he had to say it's over 9000 that day... Maybe not that many given it wasn't a western Con, pity I'd have followed him around just to make him say it

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