Gabe Newell Is Worth More Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump? Let me tell you about Donald Trump. Did you know that Donald Trump only has ONE type of hat? Sad! No wonder Gabe Newell beat him on this week's Forbes billionaire list.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As of this week, the lovable Valve CEO is ranked at #134, with $US4.1 billion ($5.4 billion), beating out the likes of Trump (#156), Steven Spielberg (also #156) and Oprah Winfrey (#239). Turns out not making video games is pretty good for your bank account.

Newell is doing an AMA on Reddit today at 10:00AM AEDT in case you want to ask him what it's like to have more money than America's 45th president.


    Using Australian amounts with USD on their store might have something to do with it.

    yet he still can't afford a halfway decent quality control team for pretty much anything on steam.

      That's his secret to being richer than Donald Trump.

    That picture...

    Crumbs on his jacketses! Looks like you'll have to find your own way into Cirith Ungol.

      That's dandruff.

    Hey well child friendly gambling sites have always been a good money spinner

    Last edited 18/01/17 9:54 am

    Most people are worth more than Donald Trump if you measure by any criteria other than the financial one.


      I think it's the "neat" factor. Trump is a famous billionaire, and also the president.
      Gabe is "our guy". We've "known" him for years and are familiar with his antics. And he's got more money than the other guy!

      I think that's neat.

        *president-elect. C'mon we've still got like 3 days before Ayotollah Combover-nei ascends to the throne. Let's not waste it.

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