Get An Xbox Elite Controller Today For $129

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Given that it never really gets discounted, even over Christmas, seeing the Elite controller available for almost half-off is borderline absurd.

The deal came to my attention courtesy of Player2 editor Matt Hewson, and it's not from an outlet you'd typically associate with video games. OZSALE is a members-only online shopping site that typically concentrates on homewares and online fashion, but every now and again they have some tech to sell as well.

Fortunately, OZSALE runs another Australian site that isn't members-only. OO is much the same as its parent, focusing on homewares, rugs and manchester, but right now they have a sale on Microsoft products - including the excellent Elite controller for $129, easily the cheapest it's ever been in Australia.


You'll have to wait at least a fortnight for the Elite controller to arrive. That's not the only pad on offer: there's also discounts on the special edition Forza 6 Xbox One controller, the lunar white gamepad, or you can just get the regular Xbox One controller for $59.

As is the case, make sure you read through the returns policy beforehand. And if you're happy to have to go through OO in case anything goes wrong (saving around $70 instead of buying via Microsoft or elsewhere) then here's the link. The exact same listing is also up on OZSALE, provided you've created an account.


    ouch, still so $$ even on special...

    I tried one of these out at my mates house last week and tried as a normal control and with the paddles and really didnt like the paddles at all, felt so unnatural.
    Probably the big thing I did like was the weight and feel, it feels really strong and sturdy compared to a regular XB1 controller

      I have one, and I don't use the paddles anymore.

      I love the heft of the thing, and the grips on the sides though.

    I saw these yesterday on buyinvite dot com dot au, which is another members-only site also owned by Ozsale - seems they ship their sales around a bit on their websites... They had OG X1 controllers too for a bit, for like $29 each :/. Crazy cheap! Can vouch for the website's reliability though, in general, have bought tons of stuff off buyinvite at least.

    Are these ones the bluetooth-compatible versions, or the original Xbox-proprietary version?

      The original one, although you can get wireless going with the $20-30ish receiver from the Microsoft Store. Bluetooth is only in the new controllers that came out with the Xbox One S.

        Wait you mean you can't even do wireless with it out of the box?

        That's kinda crap.

          Yeah, these switch accessories are so overpriced.

          The elite IS wireless out of the box, it is just not bluetooth. If you want it use it on your pc you can either attach it to the PC with the long braided USB cable that is supplied or pick up the xbox one wireless controller dongle.

            Riiight. Claiming it's wireless out of the box but then you need to separately purchase a dongle to actually use this wireless functionality is a bit disingenuous.

              Not really... it's not being sold as primarily a pc controller.
              It does work wirelessly with the xbox one... which is what it's branded as.

    I've been looking for a 2nd Forza 6 pad....

    Edit: And bought..... Elites are gone btw

    Edit 2: Now the Forza's are gone. Read the confirmation email.... Doesn't mention which controller or that order is finalised.

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      The Forza 6 controllers are excellent, and fantastic value when on sale

        Bloody hard to come by now though.... The gripped hand grips are awesome (apparently the same as the 2016 Ford GT wheel, but who can ever confirm?)

        $69 is pretty good + $10 delivery

    So the controllers normal price is almost the same amount as the Xbox one s????

    eh... i find the ps4 controller to be amazingly more comfortable

      I'm the exact opposite. It's the main reason I barely use my ps4. :(

        Yep, I have huge hands and I can't even use ps contollers at all. Plus the aligned joy sticks always feel weird. But everyone will have a preference and it's probably whatever you're use to.

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    Same Price at, another OZSALE front.

    HOWEVER….! A word of warning…

    I purchased one on the 10th December, it only arrived yesterday, and it appears to be a Warranty Return or similar.
    It had been opened and had fingerprints all over it, the cable had been repackaged and was definitely NOT NEW..

    I am still waiting to hear anything back from TopBuy support.

    Bought it as a birthday present for my son, but won't give it to him in this condition.

    Just sayin.

    UPDATE: have committed to resolve my issue (financially)

    I wasn't going to use it, was going to send it back as it was supposed to be a gift for my son. But seeings as though they are expensive and hard to get, I've accepted TB's offer and will be keeping it.

    I tried it last night and Wow - What an excellent controller !

    For all the smudges, fingerprints, issues etc. that came with mine, it feels and responds brilliantly.

    Even Better than the Forza 6 controller !

    My son ain't getting his grubby little Minecrafting hands on this baby...


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    Half price and still $129!?!?!! Does is make coffee and give blow jobs or something?

      Almost. Elite controller normally is $200. (It's really good though)

        What makes it so good though? It just looks like a standard controller to me... I don't have an xbone, so I've never looked in to any of it, but what advantage does it have over the normal controller?

          Over standard Xbox One: rubberised texturing on the back. The bumpers are far more satisfying to press. The rumble motors are more advanced in the Elite, which comes in handy if you ever play racing games. The hair-triggers are good if you like to play shooters (since you don't have to physically press them down as far to fire). The paddles on the back can be bound to sprint/melee/aim/whatever button you like, which reduces fatigue over longer sessions and also makes it easier to react to things in-game.

          The Xbox app lets you customise all of this pretty simple and is fairly exhaustive, and all of those options carry over wherever you take the controller. I can take the Elite and have the exact same button bindings on my PC as I do the PS4 (even though the controller has to go through a special dongle to work, not being a PS4-approved pad).

          It's the nicest controller to hold in your hands as well, and you can remove or change the analogue sticks, D-pad, and back paddles simply by pulling them off (they're magnetic). And ball bearings for the analog sticks is just that fraction nicer than a normal pad.

          That's the gist of it, anyway.

            Ah cool. I like the idea of the customization, and the porting button configs wherever you go.

            Another point, the sticks are metal around the edges of the stem, so they don't wear away into your controller/stem from use.

    Shame it is gone already. Steep but more palatable than $200. I can only assume a-hole scalpers went nuts just to re-sell them for profit.

    Still, if a third party can sell them for that, Microsoft has no reason not be able to do a sale at this point, they have been out for ages.

    The price quoted is almost certainly USD. The normal RRP in AU is 199 not 149... in the US its 149.

    PS: I have this and they are great. Nice weight and feel to to whole device with a great build quality.

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    I got one!

    I've been really good lately, haven't had any alcohol since october last year and haven't bought a coffee at work this year (okay it's only the 19th, but I usually get one a day so that's really good for me) so I decided I deserved something nice, and saw this!

    Got mine from dealsdirect. Really hope I don't get a 2nd hand one or any guff like that. I figure if it's brand new there's no risk. If I don't like it I can sell it 2nd hand and I'll probably get around what I paid back for it.

    Looking forward to trying this fancy doo-hicky out!

      Have you received your control yet?

      I'm still waiting for stock.... 2 months on.... and 2 weeks ago they were arriving in their warehouse.

        I cancelled my order today. It's been almost 2 months now, enough is enough. :(

          Yeah it seems like an utter fraud.

          They knock the money off your credit card immediately, you chase 4 times they then send you an email that they expect stock "this week" on the 23 of February and shipping will take 3 days. No reply to my return email saying "wtf still no controller". So I call, speak to someone who immediately offers a refund. I note it's not urgent but annoying, however I am moving so the delivery address may need a change but still no confident date....

          @alexwalker probably not a good idea to advertise these guys.

            Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure I don't forget.

            I don't know if it's a total fraud, it did seem like they were going to post them eventually. But yeah, getting that email that they'll be here last week, 2 weeks ago pretty much push me over the edge.

            Plus I have a PS4 and a PC, and I barely use a gamepad on the PC anyway, I just wanted a really nice toy to see all the fuss, but it wasn't a good use of my cash so it was an easy decision to make. After 2 months of waiting. They did get back to me within the day and organise a cancel and refund so I don't have too much bad to say. These things happen. It would suck if I was dying to get it though. I hate that feeling of waiting for something in the mail that you REALLY want.

    Best controller I've ever owned. Got it on its original release, used it ever since, still feels new.

    Would've been tempted to get a second one at that price - but not a return/refurb.

    I guess they're clearing stock for the inevitable PC/bluetooth compatible model release.

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