Get XCOM 2 For $17 From Humble Bundle

Get XCOM 2 For $17 From Humble Bundle

I totally get it. You’re still recovering from December’s barrage of sales and don’t have the fortitude (or cash reserves) to spend more on games right now. However, if you’re keen on Firaxis’ XCOM 2 and passed on recent discounts, well, I have great news — Humble currently has it on offer for $US12 (about $17 Australian).

Sounds too good to be true? It is… but not really. You won’t be buying it outright, instead, it comes as a bonus for signing up for Humble Monthly.

If you just go for the one-month subscription and cancel it immediately, you’ve basically bought XCOM 2 for $US12.

I would say you have to hurry to take advantage of the offer, except that’s not the case. There’s still 27 days left so you have a very, very long time to consider your purchase. Given we just came out of a massive sales period, it’s a safe bet this is the cheapest XCOM 2 will be for a while.

Humble Monthly [Humble Bundle]


  • Was an instant buy for me the minute I saw the popup of the new monthly on Steam.

    Now I just need to wait the best part of a day to download the 26.6GB file on my crappy non-NBN connection.

    In other news, the Diablo 3 Battle Chest is currently on sale for AUD29.95. With Blizzard’s policy of minimal sales, this is as low as the game is likely to get for some time.

  • As someone who has been a HWB sub for about 5 months, its amazing the games they give out. Sure 90% are indies or early access, but one or two are very likely to be big titles or at the very least popular (like Stardew Valley) Only problem is, like with the normal Humble Bundle, is getting a key for a game you already own, but I just give them to a friend anyway 😛

    But its such a great service, 7-ish games a month with one being an early unlock is fantastic at the price 😀

    • same here – I hopped on board when they did Mad Max as an early reveal, and the closest thing I’ve been to disappointed was maybe one month when I had a few too many duplicates and not quite enough friends who had them on their wishlists!.. compared to a more usual two wishlist items and a nice bonus or two each month 🙂

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