Grand Theft Auto Online Trolls Vs The Million-Dollar Car

Aaron Reynolds, of @batlabels fame, was playing Grand Theft Auto Online the other night when he ran into some arseholes trying to wreck people's nice cars. So he came up with an A++ plan which would make the game "fun for [him] and awful for them".

Image: Aaron Reynolds

Note that players themselves aren’t actually paying out the full cost of the car, they’re only paying out a fraction. So if you blew up the Gurntmobile you wouldn’t be on the hook for $1 million. But at a high enough price (the fine for destroying expensive cars can be $20k+) it’s still enough to discourage many people from wanton destruction.

Anyway continue he did, with a much louder paint job. Xzibit would be proud.

Who could have thought an insurance scam could be so much fun?


    Not sure if this is really old or perhaps just on old-gen consoles...

    There are cars worth waaaay over $1m just to purchase (don't even need to go to any effort like he did) but the fact that 99% of these griefers are also hackers means they don't really give a shit if you goad them into blowing up your pricey car. What's a few thousand in insurance when you cxan just spawn in another million right?

    Uhhhh.... As someone who has Bennie's Customized Cars and also both of these exact cars, they do not cost $1 million to replace on Insurance... Usually Insurance is 1% of the cost so at most, closer to $10-20,000

      But telling the truth wouldn't make a good story now would it?

      I'm not even talking about Kotaku here, I'm talking about the guy who did it.

        If you can afford the tank you can afford to dunk on cars that are worth pennies all the time and a tank doesn't even cost that much.

        EDIT: The guy that made the tweet is aware its full of shit, thought it was funny that Kotaku ran with it. Great journalism.

        Last edited 19/01/17 8:24 pm

      He said the car cost over $1M to create. Not $1M to replace on an in game insurance claim.

      if you actually read the tweets (jesus, are we at this point, people can't handle the length of tweets?) the cars were worth a mill because he jam packed them full of stupid custom shit.

        I think the point newbitlord was getting at is that the insurance cost (the amount that is paid each time a car is destroyed) will never be anywhere near $1m regardless of how much is packed into it.

        It's true too, as I said above there are cars the cost $2-3m to purchase and even then only cost around $25k when they're destroyed.

          Depending on the car it's easy to spend $1m. My Comet Retro (Classic Porsche) is about $1.15m for the extras alone but the insurance caps out at $20,000.

    How is this new to kokaku? Its well known on GTAO that the more expensive the car the higher the insurance payout. Its why i always drive my T20 in public matches. People who blow it up get stung for 50k+

      Insurance payouts cap out at $20k

        they do now, they didnt used to.

          I only came to GTAO recently so I'm unaware of how it was before.

            Its used to be loads more, Well on old gen anyway. Insurance payouts for my 1-2 million+ cars was 50K and above.

    I have never played GTA Online, but damn that makes it sound cool.

    This is an awesome idea, and seem only fair too :)

    This is a very entertaining article. Well done good Ser on your car prank....

    Story has more holes in it then a wheel of swiss cheese but regardlesss I think GTAV needs to jack up thr insurance payouts because there's no way in hell anyone cares about 20k when they have hundreds of millions.

    Also hackers...

    Kotaku fell for a fake story and it's even on the front of yahoo now.

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