Hearthstone Made Close To $US400 Million For Blizzard In 2016: Report

Image: Blizzard

Blizzard's Hearthstone did some big business for the developer last year. Specific numbers are hard to come by, but we can get a decent idea, thanks to market research firms such as SuperData, who's latest digital card game report states the title made almost $US400 million, "roughly four times as much as its closest competitor".

With access to the report, MMOs' Omer Altay places the exact number at $US395 million, with Cygames' Shadowverse coming in second place with a tad over $US100 million.

You can check out a synopsis of the data on the SuperData website, which alone is an intriguing read. For instance, the firm estimates that collectible card games — both real and digital — will hit earnings of $US5.73 billion this year, with the digital side making up 24 per cent of that.

A graph from the report on average spending stipulates that those who do spend money on digital CCGs cough up $34.22 per month.

It's hard to say what the ceiling is for the market and while Hearthstone may rule the roost, the fact that Shadowverse, a game that only came out last year, managed to hit $US100 million mark, suggests there's still some pie left for other developers.

Digital Collectible Card Games Report [SuperData Research, via MMOs]


    so Blizzard is just never going to run out of money ever huh?

      Overwatch probably guaranteed that already haha

      I have no problem with this. In fact, I find the idea comforting. They make great games, I want them to keep doing it forever.

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