Here’s 21 Minutes Of Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Here’s 21 Minutes Of Ghost Recon: Wildlands

While my heart pines for a follow-up to the excellent Rainbow Six: Vegas franchise, I can never say no to Ghost Recon. And from what I’ve heard so far about Wildlands, I’m completely on-board with this fresh outing in Tom Clancy land. And now we have over 20 minutes of gameplay to feast on. Which is great.

It’s hard to argue Wildlands’ main attraction is its open world co-op, but a great many players will also indulge in it solo. This new clip from Ubisoft, which includes commentary from lead designer Dominic Butler, is aimed at these folk, though I’m sure everyone interested in the game will get something from the video.

There’s the requisite amounts of sneaking, shooting, driving and even helicopter flying, as well as a look at weapon customisation. In single-player, in lieu of real people, you’ll have command of AI teammates to get things done. They’re not dumb, but you’ll still need to make sure they don’t get spotted by enemies.

Anyway, time to stop reading and start watching!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Single Player Gameplay Walkthrough Video [YouTube]


  • Is it just me, or is there really nothing exciting here?

    The gameplay is ridiculously similar to MGSV, and just seems like every other franchise Ubisoft has out these days – stealth/action gameplay a la Farcry, The Division, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed. Complete with a ridiculously over-complicated map/collectible/pickup assortment.

    • That’s what I immediately thought, most of their games have the exact same base features and repetitive boring side missions. Same engine and gunplay.

      It would have made more sense (and much cheaper) if they just remastered ghost recon advanced warfighter 1 and 2, both are still no where to be found modern platforms.

    • Yeah, I’m with you there.

      It doesn’t look badly made or anything, just… Uninteresting. Not really seeing any real reason to get excited about this.

    • No doubt the marketing campaign will put a lot of weight behind ‘creating your own narrative’ because they forgot to put one in.

  • It’s funny, my feelings have on this game have gone the complete opposite to most games pre-launch.

    Usually, games look better from a distance than they do up close. In my opinion it’s the opposite here.

    Usually, the more gameplay I see close to launch, the more disappointed I get. But with this my opinion is going up.

    Cautiously optimistic.

  • To me it looks like MGSV and The Division had a baby – I’m happy with that (After The Division though, I’ll be waiting)

    • Completely agree, casting a glance further back though, to me this just looks exactly like the SOCOM series but without the voice commands.

      • /admits NFI what you’re on about
        /Checks out “SOCOM 4: U.S. NAVY SEALS for Playstation 3” on youtube

        /nods in agreement

        Looks like console only games? That’d be why I haven’t heard of them. Looks like I need to borrow a playstation from my brother again

  • It looks like it should be a good coop game, hopefully the performance is just because its running on an Xbone, its feeling very cinematic.

  • MGSV’s weapon customization was entirely disappointing, useless and added no value to the game. This looks decent at least.

    This game looks interesting but I don’t see the enjoyment value of it in this video. Is there a great story, great gameplay action at other times? or something that hasn’t been done before in a game? If not, it would seem to be another chore-based game in the travel-shooter genre.

    • I quite liked the weapon customization in MGSV not as in depth as Army Of Two or Future Soldier but still good at the end of the game.

  • Easily the least interesting offering of Q1 however I felt the same way about R6 siege in 2015 and it consumed my summer of that year.

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