Here’s A Reason To Be Jealous Of Adelaide

Here’s A Reason To Be Jealous Of Adelaide

There’s plenty of reasons to like Adelaide already: food, wine, affordable housing, AVCon. And as today showed, there’s another: the city’s growing internet infrastructure.

The city council formally began taking expressions of interest for organisations to apply to build a 10Gbps fibre network, according to Computerworld. The plan to have 10Gbps internet across Adelaide was approved last year, but until now there hadn’t been anything concrete set in stone for actual construction.

With companies submitting their plans to rollout the network, the plan will edge closer to reality. The City of Adelaide says it will become the “fastest, most reliable large data transfer infrastructure in Australia” and will complement the state’s existing Gig City program, as well as the ongoing rollout of the National Broadband Network. The hope is to have the plan completed by 2020, which can’t come soon enough.

Update: Rewrote the opening paragraph; read the comments below to get an understanding why. Apologies, everyone.


  • Here’s A Reason To Be Jealous Of Adelaide

    [Looks at the article and is quickly disappointed]

    Here I was thinking that Frog Cakes had been returned to their original size but nope. Thanks for making me sad for the rest of the week, @alexwalker.

    • i thought he was gonna announce the return of the pie floater truck on north terrace, or that they were going to reopen magic mountain.

      • Never got to see that as a kid. When I went back last year, I was really sad to see that since my decade long absence Puzzle Park had closed.

        • shit, id forgotten about that place.
          there was also lake side leisure park, just off south road, down near old noarlunga, used to have a luge, go down a big metal slide on sleds with wheels. all that hot metal in the sun.
          theyve also shut down greenhills adventure park down at victor harbour too.
          not sure what the deal is with SA and hating leisure parks.

  • “There aren’t many reasons to travel to Adelaide if you’re not from Adelaide, or you don’t have family there.”

    *slow clap*

    I’m curious, what did you put under occupation for the census?

      • Wait, you think my issue was a word missing, and not that it was typical Eastern Coast elitism?

        You bag one of the most livable cities in the world, and a top 10 Lonely Planet destination, and you’re so myopic you think the omission of the word “originally” was the issue?

        • Yeah, fair cop. (Sorry for not replying earlier; I was out celebrating my partner’s birthday with dinner and wanted to focus on that.)

          You’re right in that the opening was completely unnecessary: Adelaide doesn’t deserve to just be openly dumped on, and as someone who does this for a living there’s plenty of better ways that could have been written.

          It’s not unfair to ask that could have made that point a little softer, but then it’s probably something that people from the east coast (Sydney particularly, I imagine) do often enough, so I guess it swings both ways.

          So yeah, fair cop and I’ll remember in the future not to be such a dick. I’m not going to edit the article above though; I’d rather people see the error as is and then scroll down so they can see the discourse as it played out.

          Thanks for caring enough to say something and not backing down when you were right. Sorry.

          (Edit: On reflection, that’s a bad idea since the first par will pop up on other pages and there’s always the part where most people don’t read the full article anyway. I’ll fix it up now.)

          • Thanks for this – i’m no Adelaide zealot, but i’ve lived elsewhere and frankly….nah. If you like going out, or belong to a marginal sub-culture (and want a lot of like minded friends) then the eastern states are for you. Well, not even Sydney ticks all those boxes anymore.

            Otherwise I like my cheaper rent, low cost of living, better coastline and lack of traffic.

            It’s not for everyone, but the assumptions the default state of “shitting on Adelaide” are predicated on are pretty asinine.

    • Wow, that wasn’t really called for. You could have just pointed out the error instead of behaving like a vindictive child.

    • I hope he put “internet commenter”, because there aren’t enough of those in the world already.

    • Dude, he is human. He’s allowed to make mistakes. Surgeons make mistakes and lives depend on them

    • Seriously? People are still making a mountain out of an ant’s pimple over Adelaide having fluoride in the water?

      Seriously, I was even there last year. The water isn’t bad.

      • I was under the impression the fluroride wasn’t the issue, it was the high chlorine content…

        • @shenjee Soooo much chlorine, it’s really bad for my skin, so dry after every shower, to drink it’s not bad though 🙂

      • It’s not the flouride, most of Australia’s drinking water undergoes artificial flouridation.

        Adelaide’s water has historically been awful though, it has improved in more recent years, but I remember travelling to Adelaide 15 years ago and having to take bottled water with me because the Adelaide tap water was absolutely undrinkable.

        Tap water from elsewhere in Australia is most definitely still better than Adelaide water though.

        • OK. I lived in Adelaide in the 80s and when my family relocated to Victoria in the following decade I didn’t notice any change in the water.

          The only difference was at my late grandmother’s house but she used a rain water tank.

          • I’ve lived in Adelaide my whole life. Tap water was atrocious when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. These days it’s fine, as good as any other Australian capital I’ve been to.

          • Must be a Vegemite thing. Like the water some just can’t stand it while others (like me) don’t mind it.

          • You must have lived next door to the yeast factory where the run off was piped into Kraft for processing and the pipes got mixed up.

            Just boil the water away, bake it a little and there; free Vegemite!


            One final joke. No doubt you know that Coca Cola have a bottling plant there.

            I dare you to walk to the front desk and ask them “Any chance of a Pepsi?”

        • Really. I lived in Adelaide most of my life and never had a problem with drinking the tap water. I now live in rural Victoria and the water here is disgusting.

        • When my family moved from Adelaide to Melbourne 30 years ago, Melbourne’s water tasted horrible. When we moved back 25 years ago, Adelaide’s water tasted weird. It’s not that one is necessarily worse, just that they taste different.
          Nowadays I can’t tell the difference between Adelaide tap water and filtered or bottled water – unless the plumbing in a house needs maintenance or replacement (the main reason for icky tap water). And if bottled water is left for too long in plastic containers (especially in the heat) it tastes gross.
          And everyone but parts of Queensland puts fluoride in water – and from what I read, bottled water has it added as well. Chlorine in water is good in small amounts as it’s great at killing germs. I’d rather water with a touch of chlorine than a touch of a virus or bacterium.

        • Geez what was meant to just be a passing humourous comment has really exploded lol.

          But in all seriousness, my brother got a rash on his skin after showering when we were in Adelaide. Not good.

    • This one actually looks better thought out. Maybe SA Labor will show its Federal counter parts how to build infrastructure and not dick around.

      • And they know how to write a contract to ensure that if the builder is rubbish and makes dumb mistakes and takes years too long then the builder has to pay. I still remember how much the SA Liberals tried to get everybody angry about the Labor government doing this, and now that the government was proven right, the Libs are still trying to pin the blame on Labor.
        And then Libs wonder why they can’t win government here.

  • Really don’t understand the rest of the country’s love of bagging out Adelaide – I’m sure a lot of it is just bandwagoning from people that haven’t visited. I’ve visited the city and surrounds a few times, and really enjoyed it.
    More on the subject of the article, it seems like the South Australian government might have identified that they need to replace the manufacturing sector with something – if only the Federal government could do the same vis a vis both manufacturing and mining.

    • Because it’s weird and different and like a whole other country sometimes. Absolutely lovely place, liked it ever since the first time I went. But will forever make fun of it too 😛

      • Because the city was (mostly) properly planned from day 1 and the CBD isn’t just a sloth crawl from 5am to 11pm like pretty much everywhere else, and people actually attend motorsport in the city….

  • I’ll believe it when I see it. Working in Rundle Mall and have like 20Mbps for 25 people. People get especially upset when I upload a build and kill the internet for everyone else

  • From the looks of it there is a downside to this. It will only be rolled out in the CBD and North Adelaide. As an Adelaide resident that previously lived in Brisbane. The CBD here is tiny and doesn’t even house some of the largest S.A. industries. This plan seem’s to be all about bragging rights.

    • High speed internet and (relatively) cheap office space could also help attract businesses to set up in the CBD

    • @shenjee S.A can be quite insecure in itself from what I’ve noticed anyways, (not that there is reason to be, we have the damn fringe festival) I moved here from Victoria and I’ll never stop finding it funny how whenever something happens to the power grid, the reaction is always “ITS VICTORIAS FAULT!!” 😛

  • Damn you Adelaide with your picturesque scenery, wonderful weekend culture and events and now your damn proposed 10gbs!
    you make Sydney feel so depressing! stop it!

  • No, don’t be jealous of Adelaide, don’t decide you want to live here and please for the love of god just don’t come here.

    We do our best to keep everything a secret and make it look unappealing so we can enjoy the benefits ourselves.

    Stay away!

    • Just remind everyone that News Corp used to have its head office in Adelaide. That will keep everyone away.

      You just might get a lot of people backing their bags and fleeing though.

      • On the other hand, the Murdochs maintain residences in Sydney. Pretty sure none of them have a place in Adelaide these days 😛

  • Yeah but is this just the city council area or the whole metropolitan area? Adelaide, like most big cities who are not Brisbane, Gold Coast or Canberra is packed with multiple local governments making me think this whole scheme will only cover the CBD

  • As per the article on lifehacker, “According to the Adelaide Council, the Ten Gigabit City complements the National Broadband Network (NBN). Bear in mind that the 10Gbps network is intended for government and business users

    So yes likely be just for city council area so us home plebs won’t be able to have access to this network.

  • Does this mean my crappy FTTN will be upgraded?? Seriously fuck the government, why do a half arsed job and not provide FTTP in ALL SUBURBS, my mother in law lives literally one suburb over from me which has FTTP, but my suburb is FTTN it makes zero sense, especially when they will have to rip out the copper in years to come anyway “sigh”

    • Would it make you happier to learn that Telstra and Optus had begun (and had been) rolling out FTTP and 100mbit cable throughout the country until the government said not to do it anymore 😛

      honestly it will probably change again as more people get wind of the fact that if you’ve got 800m+ of copper from the pillar (a lot of people), you’ll never have proper ‘landline’ based internet again. no proper broadband for you. you get wireless or satellite and that’s it for the rest of forever.

      nice 100mbit cable connection you’ve got… would be a shame if the government forced you on to a 20-50 mbit fibre connection because your copper is kinda long (which is exactly what will happen to some people..)

      • Thats exactly what im afraid of. Used to get 1mbps adls2+ so finally ponied up for 100mbps cable. Got a letter a few years ago saying nbn will be installed in the next 6 months but haven’t heard anything since. If it does come it will definitely be a downgrade.

      • Yeah, I’ve been on the Telstra 100mbps cable for years. The NBN plans are actually a downgrade for me.

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