Here's Another Reason To Go To Universal Studios Japan

Take it from me: Universal Studios in Japan is incredible. But if you didn't feel a strong enough urge to visit already, then perhaps one of their latest additions might help.

It's a short - very short, in fact - trailer for a brand new 4D Godzilla ride due to open later this year. If you're not familiar with 4D, just imagine being strapped to a chair with three or four other people that swings up and down. While a 3D movie is playing in front of you. And there's special effects going on everywhere.

And Godzilla is just busy ruining shit.

I'd still wager that the Hogwarts 4D ride is more of a drawcard for Westerners than 4D Godzilla, but they're awesome fun all the same. Universal Studios Japan already has two, with Harry Potter and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. And hopefully in a couple of years, there'll be a 4D ride through Bowser's Castle as well.


    I went on the Transformers 4d ride at Universal City in LA in 2013. Ive never seen a movie that even approched the level of 3d that was in that ride, it was just that good

    Any idea how much entry and things cost to these?

      I went about 4 years ago and it was about $70 per adult.

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