Here's The Latest Mass Effect: Andromeda Footage

Shown as part of NVIDIA's keynote at CES 2017, the gameplay showed a good amount of Andromeda's UI, skill usage and how some of the combat would play out.

The new footage also shows some of the skill trees as well. It's looking good.

An official trailer isn't up yet, but Bioware director Aaryn Flynn said the footage was captured using a NVIDIA GTX 1080. That was pretty much all the technical detail provided, though.

Update: Fixed with a higher quality video.


    Eh this footage looks nice enough. But its not hyping me up for the game. I want to see interactions between characters and get a sense of the exploratory elements. I get that this preview is about combat and ui, but it just seems fairly run of the mill.

      Agreed. Combat is never what excited me about mass effect. It's nice that it's there and it's polished sure but it's just not what I come to these games for.

      Agreed. If anything, this footage reduced my hype by reminding me of ME's combat which is not why I come to the franchise

    Just bought a GTX 1070 last week. Hoping it'll do this game justice.

    Janky footage though, hope a slicker one gets uploaded.

    I hope this will be better than Mass Effect 3, that game disappointed me a lot.

    For some who enjoyed the three Mass Effect games as I did, I've been pretty tepid on Andromeda. It's creeping up on us though and I'm starting to get more interested. I'd really like a trailer that gives us a better sense of the party and some character work.

    The Asari's name is Peebee?!

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