Here's The Ship In Mass Effect Andromeda, Minus The People

Given that the game's coming out in a couple of months, it's a bit weird to release a trailer without any in-game footage. But if you want to know the basics of what the Normandy looks like in Andromeda, here it is.

It's a bit weird to see the ship completely absent of any officers or signs of life, although I suspect that's possibly the idea - to avoid any spoilers with characters.

In a way, this video feels like an internal presentation. When Bioware and EA's executives wanted to know what the base of operations would be for the game, I can see them being shown this.


    JB Hifi has the release date of end of March (same as America) so only a couple of months to go...

    I sure hope that car is easier to drive than that damned Mako

    Looks fantastic.

    It bothers me that when they describe the Tempest and Nomad as being 'State of the Art', that's 600 years old.

    It may have been state of the art when people climbed into the arks, but then they went into hibernation for 600 years. Even if that stuff was only built when they woke up... it's going to be off plans and tech that is hundreds of years old.

      I just watched it and context helps. this video is actually from the Andromeda initiative. kind of like NASA doing training videos if you will. hence state of the art is a reference to current and now so it makes sense.

      as for the video, is it meant to be using in game footage? i find the bridge to be the most different compared to the Normandy, I'm curious how the whole layout feels in game

        I reckon the bridge is too open... I liked it cosy and less spacious. Maybe a pilot, co-pilot and navigator/comms. But hey, I'm no starship designer! :)

          yes! that's it, i get the feeling it's like a spacious lounge room which is kind of odd

          but i guess I watch too much sci fi shows where the bridge is either large and cramped with people or small with a compact crew

    I like this vid, but what benefits does this starship offer over say, a train, which I can also afford.

      Well sir, there's nothing on Earth like a genuine, bona-fide, electrified, six-car starship! What'd I say?

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