Hey Windows 10, Can You Not

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Microsoft has released plenty of great updates for Windows 10 in the past. This is not one of them.

If you don't read the patch notes for all those updates Microsoft makes you install, here's a heads up: you really should. That's especially the case for patch KB3213986, which was rolled out to all users yesterday Australian time.

The patch is fairly uninspiring, fixing issues around internet explorer, server cores, Microsoft Edge, drivers and what not. Hell, there's even an update for Groove Music. Nothing interesting.

So why then, dear Microsoft, did the patch result in this?

Image: Microsoft

"Users may experience delayed or clipped screens while running 3D rendering apps (such as games) on systems with more than one monitor," the known issues section reads. Suggested workarounds include "starting the application with only one monitor connected" or running the application in "Windows" mode (not fullscreen, so supposedly windowed mode).

Wait, what?

While this shouldn't be any issue for any game that runs in borderless fullscreen or windowed modes, support for that isn't universal. And even when it is, there are plenty of cases when you're forced to play in exclusive fullscreen mode (streaming and recording certain games, for example). And for those who were playing on multi-monitor setups or using Crossfire or NVIDIA's 3D surround vision for games like Star Citizen or racing simulators ... enjoy!


    ableton live freaked out after update, I had to calm it down

    Rather than get on your soapbox and make noise about it, why don't you bother asking the source for clarification? What are you wanting to achieve this with article?

      ...an increase in public awareness?

      Your username describes you perfectly,

    Would love if Microsoft adopted the Linux model of Long Term Support builds where features wouldn't change, only security patches, as another ring. Would prevent this kind of stuff happening to people who just want to use their computer, but also allow the leading edge users/tinkerers access to the latest. Don't see it happening but I can dream...

      You sound like me when i suggested 'Windows Professional' should have been a bare-bones install with none of the add-on crap at all.....

      They do. It's even called Windows 10 LTSB.

        Because general users have access to Enterprise.....

        For clarity, the ltsb ring is for enterprise customers only, putting it out of reach of consumers, home users and small/medium businesses. Where as Linux lts releases are generally for all, and until Microsoft give the function to all users, it will be a missing feature in my mind.

    Interesting, I'm fairly sure I have this update and games seem to run fine. In any case, @cesario is right, this'll be patched quickly if it hasn't already been.

    Does anyone know why the default "Photos" app in Windows 10 is telling me my trail period is finished and I need to buy the full version? - strangely when you go to the Store, there is no option to buy it

      Is it possible that the program you're using is a trial installed by your Pc manufacturer? Aka crap ware? I'd change the default for opening photos to the windows app instead.

    This comes from the same brilliant minds that when I had an error on my PC running "Films & TV" told me to go to xbox.com for support... -.-

      Film and TV was previously known as Xbox Video and was first rebranded on Windows 10, however everywhere else still called it Xbox Video. Until about a year ago, xbox.com was the place to go for support.

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