Hollywood In Talks Over Attack On Titan Rights

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Hollywood is keen to do its own version of Attack on Titan. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is currently negotiating for the rights.

In case you missed them, read Kotaku‘s reviews of the first and second Attack on Titan movies.


  • Oh boy, I can’t wait for a story based on Europe to have white people cast and accused of whitewashing.

    • That’s right, let’s pre-empt the cynical reply to the preemptive rage to the issue to a film where the contract for the rights hasn’t even been finalised (or confirmed to be in discussion for that matter…)

    • Well, so long as the two main characters are Asian, there’s no problems for Hollywood!

      Everyone knows that their backstory involves being the only two Asian families in a predominantly Western setting, right? How hard can it be to make the only two Asian characters actually Asian? Right?

      • Two MAIN characters? Weren’t Mikasa and her mother the last two Asians left in the AoT universe, and now it’s just Mikasa?

        • Yes, that’s correct. If @transientmind is a manga reader, he may be referring to another character with familial ties to Mikasa, but conflating that family tie with Mikasa’s mother’s Asian ethnicity.

    • The funny thing is, even though the architecture and demographics are largely inspired by Europe, the geography of the AoT world (as shown in the manga in hypothetical Season 3 material) is actually a mirrored Africa

  • Hell yes – Attack on Titan: The PG 13 Movie.

    Watch as the colossal titan knocks down a massive protective wall and then proceeds to tickle humans until they fall over like the ending of every Pepper Pig episode ever!

  • Thid just in Hollywood tries to buy any Intelkectuak Property popukar from Japan, that bye all statistics will a) never be produced as it sits in development hell b) produced and directed by people who miss thr complete point of the story and visual style or change everything to the point that only the movie title and character names exist. c) Tries to pace the story to include too many story elements into a disjointed mess.

    So far Hollywoid hasnt produced an anime (or anime like) title that didnt completely suck… hopes for Ghost in the Shell, if I ignore the iconic combat scene teaser had a jump cut every two seconds.

    • I mean, they can’t make a worse adaption than Dragonball Evolution, right?

      (Just so we’re clear Hollywood, that was not a challenge)

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