Horizon: Zero Dawn New Trailer Shows Off More Than We Can Handle

Horizon: Zero Dawn continues to look beautiful.

This new 'cinematic' trailer gives us fresh insight into the game's universe, as well as introducing a few new characters.

It's the world itself that I'm excited about. I love the character designs, the weird mix of sci-fi and historical technology. It's just so... weird.

Warning in advance for the sensitive, the trailer is a bit... spoilery.

I really need this game to deliver.


    I know its a PS exclusive...but I can't wait for a PC version and mods.

      Sadly, it's never going to happen. Sony is real tight with their exclusives unlike Microsoft.

        That's because Microsoft make the most used operating system on earth.

          What's that got to do with anything?

            They run the xbox live service on Windows which is the only place you can buy games like Forza and GoW. PlayStation doesn't have a service on PC so they don't make money putting their exclusives on the platform.

            e: basically exclusives are there to lock you into a platform, why would Sony endeavour to sell less PlayStations by putting exclusives on PC?

            Last edited 12/01/17 11:40 am

            On a more technical level, Windows and Microsoft consoles have common APIs, the main one being Direct X which handles IO, graphics, etc.

            Thus even if a game is a console exclusive, if Microsoft decided to bring it to the PC market which mostly runs Windows, the effort required can be minimised.

            Things still go wrong (performance, etc.) but the transition to do so is far easier and shorter than other competitors such as Nintendo and Sony.

      Killzone series never came to PC. Neither will this.

    Man another game for my PS4 backlog when I finally purchase one.

    Cautiously optimistic about this one. No Guerrilla Games, um, games, have grabbed me much in the past apart from being exceptionally pretty. Really want this to be great though.


      It looks fantastic, but the PS fans who are expecting Guerrilla Games to deliver gameplay that matches the graphics are as overly optimistic as the Xbone fans who expect Rare to make Sea of Thieves brilliant.

      Follow the form line and set your expectations accordingly!

      I think Killzone 2 was pretty good. Gotta give them credit for that one. Others were.... meh.

      I really enjoy the games they make. Where I find them lacking isn't particularly the mechanics. It's the writing.

      I'm hoping they are working hard on that department since this is their first RPG. Having a "Z" in the title for tradition's sake doesn't bode well for the game either. They do love those Zs.

    "Metal Gear...it can't be"

    Trailer looks amazing, really can't wait for this one. I'm getting hooked on the whole open world thing (Actually, I always have been)

    Still wondering how the title of the game fits in... Why is it called "Horizon: Zero Dawn", in particular? Curious...

    The early demo trailer thing made it look good, but now that I am getting story I feel really uninterested in this game for some reason.

      Not alone there... This whole ancient machine takes over malarkey just feels tacky and made me lose interest a lot. Feels a bit mass effect like to me.

      Its still currently one of the few PS4 games I want - just moved from the top of list further down.

    Is that Crispin Freeman voicing that evil dude?

    If that trailer is entirely from PS4 Pro footage they really need to put a disclaimer there... Otherwise there is going to be a lot of people crying about the fact the game doesn't look like the trailer on the original PS4.

      Im more concerned about performance on the original PS4. Getting a bit sick of console games with poor performance/low FPS and im very worried if everything we've seen is how it runs on the PS4 PRO.

    Damn this gave some "The 100" vibes, I think Aloy even vaguely resembles Clarke.
    Much excite.

    Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars!

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