Humble Bundle’s Best Of 2016 Is For The Eclectic Gamer

Humble Bundle’s Best Of 2016 Is For The Eclectic Gamer
Image: Steam

The offering of genres is pretty scattershot, but if you’re the eclectic type of gamer then you’ll be quite pleased with the latest Humble Bundle.

The offering is basically a “best of” package, with picks from previous bundles throughout the year. A couple of those are from a bundle curated by a Humble staffer; others are from the narrative and survival-focused bundles.

Either way, it’s a solid offering from top to bottom. You’ve already got an idea of what games are on offer thanks to the feature image, but let’s walk through it one tier at a time.

Tier 1: Pay what you want

  • Victor Vran
  • Else Heart.Break()
  • Evoland 2


There isn’t much of a common thread between these three games. Else Heart.Break() is a puzzle-based game that’s part walking simulator, part story, part programming. Victor Vran is a much more straightforward affair in the classic Diablo-style of ARPGs. It’s got co-op support as well, which is good fun. And Evoland 2 is a sequel in the same vein as the previous Evoland, an RPG that evolves in style and visuals as you progress throughout time.

Image: Rust

Continuing the theme of the first tier, the second features some cyberpunk RPG flavour, bizarre survival and medieval warfare.

Tier 2: Pay more than the average (US$3.98)

  • Rust
  • Stronghold Crusader 2
  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition


One of the most popular survival games on Steam, the best rendition of the Shadowrun universe in video games and … well, a bit of a disappointing castle simulator. But getting Rust and Shadowrun: Hong Kong for the price of an ice coffee is a bit too good to ignore.

Tier 3: Pay $US10 or more

  • Homeworld Remastered Collection


You wouldn’t pay $US35 for the remastered Homeworld bundle usually. While I loved it when it was released a couple of years ago, it’s been discounted as far as $US11.89 during the most recent Steam sales, and to $US17.49 back in September.

Still, paying $US10.01 to get that, Rust, Shadowrun: Hong Kong and a few other games is a sweet package. There’s also some excellent mods for the Remastered bundle: you can get total conversions for Star Trek, mods that continue the story, or mods that rework the game entirely.

There’s also a few bonuses with the bundle, although they’re much of a muchness: soundtracks for Evoland 2 and Else Heart.Break() and a 10% discount for the Humble Monthly subscription. But otherwise it’s a real mixed offering. A good mix, don’t get me wrong, but an unusual one.

What are your thoughts on the bundle. And, just for fun, if you were given the choice what Humble Bundle would you create?


  • Victor Vran isn’t so much a Diablo-like as it’s designed to play more via gamepad than click-to-move… maybe like a mashup of Van Helsing and Bastion (also has jump and dodge buttons) – either way is lots of fun with good support from the devs (couch co-op was added as a patch and uses two player profiles so your buddy can take their game home for solo play, and some other new odds and ends were added as free DLC), and there’s a Motorhead-themed DLC in development for later this year… also you can get vampiric shotguns and other such monster hunting silliness.

    I introduced a friend during the Steam sale and they, as someone who carefully tries to limit such spending, grabbed it immediately!

  • Yeah I couldn’t resist this one. Evoland looks very interesting and I can’t resist a space simulator. Rust looks very cool, always enjoyed watched Let’s Play videos of that but the reviews on Steam are pretty negative regarding the community so I’m hesitant.

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