I Am Setsuna Is A Nintendo Switch Launch Title

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The Nintendo Switch doesn't have the largest launch lineup in history, but as of this morning it got a little better for Chrono Trigger fans.

In an email to press, Square Enix announced that I Am Setsuna - which launched on PC and PS4 in the middle of last year - would be available for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, the day the console launches. The Switch port would also come with The Temporal Battle Arena as free DLC, which functions as a service for players to download and battle other players' parties.

Jason wrote in July that I Am Setsuna was "a lovely little tale" clocking in at approximately 20 hours. It currently has a 74% rating on Steam from nearly 600 reviews.


    Yay? It won't be a system seller... In fact I'd say nothing but Zelda will actually sell systems to those who wouldn't buy a Switch at launch if NO games were available for it.

      Any game can be a system seller.

      Why else has anybody ever bought a console but to play one?

        Speaking in relative terms, the number of people who will buy a Switch just to play a (by then) 9-month-old game already available on multiple other systems will be about the same as the number of people who bought a Wii U just to play Mass Effect 3. I'm sure such people exist. They are just statistically insignificant.

        I'm happy to be proven wrong. Mind you, sales of I am Setsuna on Switch will undoubtedly reflect (like Knack sales) the paucity of available titles at launch.

          I dont have the ability to play this anywhere but the Switch, so it is nice that I can finally do so, regardless of how insignificant my purchase might be.

            Were you going to buy a Switch anyway or did this contribute to (or dictate) your decision to buy?

              Knowing it was part of the lineup helped convince me. I probably would have purchased anyway and would certainly prefer MK8D was launch so I had something to play with my kids (1,2 Switch is not happening).

              I would not have access to Setsuna, Skyrim or the other ports that will come across were it not for the portable nature if the Switch. Downgrade the graphics for it, I don't mind. It is better than not being able to play them at all.

                So fair to say that for you the portability is a major influence on the purchase? It sounds like you are limited to playing handhelds/mobile.

                  Yep. As I stated in another article, I am unable to game on pc/console anymore due to running a small business and so a few hours on a handheld is all I get between about 10.30pm and 12.30pm. I can whack some headphones on and not disturb anybody.

                  Currently playing the hell out of my Vita. Sold my original Vita to buy day 1 New 3DS. Sold 3DS after a couple of months due to being underwhelmed with game library. Repurchased Vita, don't regret it. I only miss Bravely Default and SMTIV.

                  Knowing I am getting a mainline Fire Emblem and SMT help with my purchase.

          What kind of monster picks on Knack?

            I love Knack but I am not going to pretend that its pretty awesome sales numbers are because if its critical acclaim and widespread appeal :-P

    Ima pick up this, binding of Isaac, and shovel knight on the switch. I've been tempted before, but they felt like games I'd want as both console and portable experiences. It's like choosing between headphones for picking up the subtleties in sound design and booming 5.1 for immersion.

    Por que no los dos?

      Shovel Knight and it's dlc are fantastic. I am looking forward to getting into Isaac since I never bothered to play my Steam version.

    I never really understood why I am Setsuna (Unless you name me different) is touted as being for Chrono Trigger fans. The only things they really have in common are a few battle moves and two of the characters are deliberately designed to make you think of it in the hopes nostalgia kicks in.

    Hopefully if the Switch version sells well they'll change their minds about not doing a sequel. The game was frustratingly disappointing in that potentially interesting stories and pieces of lore just never got explored and most of the characters were just there to fill standard party roles instead of being fleshed out. I'm hoping a sequel would give them an opportunity to tell a better story.

    Last edited 24/01/17 11:10 am

    The Wonder Boy 3 remake is also coming to switch. It looks gorgeous!

      They're also developing a spiritual successor called Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom also to be released this year on the Switch.

    This is pretty great news; I had bought it a while back on Steam but never got a chance to play, so if I were to ever pick up a Switch before that particular part of my backlog clears, I would rather rebuy and be able to play on the big screen/bus instead. Feels right for this to be on a Nintendo console too :). Surely it wouldn't be that hard to port to X1 now either, but I guess they don't think it's worth that small effort.

    Imagine if the roles were Switched.


    Square was the one releasing the console and it was a Nintendo title we were discussing.

    We'd be asking why Nintendo is bringing its D-game to the Square console launch party, and be haranguing them why they're not bringing their older, better known IP to the system.

    I've not played Setsuna, and yeah it looks good, I'm not disparaging it I was just using it as an example as to why Square - like other certain developers - believes it can continue to ignore cries of 'where's XYZ for Switch?'.

    I'll definitely be more interested in something like Octopath Traveller and that's a new IP just like Setsuna is, but I'd expect to see other A-game IPs of theirs soon as well.

      Testing the water perhaps?

        Oh totally, it's also unfair to lump Square in with others because it's been a huge support of 3DS/DS.

        I'm jonesing for a new World Ends With You game. Someone at Square would surely realise that'd blow the lid off things.

          Port Bravely Default over, TWEWY and it's sequel also, then we will have some people's attention.

          Oh Man, new TWEWY. That'd be a console seller

        It's like these big publishers are holding big watering cans full of water, standing around a seedling and dribbling a few drops of water on it each, then wondering what went wrong when the plant withers and dies.

        If Nintendo doesn't make it rain the system has no chance.

          That's console war flaming 101, circa 2002 :D

          The 'big' publishers simply want to have their titles constantly making the most money on their chosen platforms. They can't achieve this on Nintendo's.

          There's nothing wrong with that, but it's when we try to pretend it's anything else, that's the issue.

          It's a publisher's industry these days, and that's great. We get movie-quality (ie even better) productions every year from them and they will never stop producing them - they alone fuel the console sales which then allows the mid-tier and lower games to find audiences they otherwise would never garner.

          Nintendo stands apart and we all know it.

    First time poster but have been reading for a while.
    Felt like I wanted to express my opinion on this one: Nintendo seem to be fishing for easy ports to add to their line-up. They obviously don't have the big AAA publishers making games for their new console.

    Good on them for trying but they should have considered this a long time ago.
    Their business plan and marketing strategy for their new console suggests like they expect it to not compare to PS4's success. (again)

    This is saddening.. I grew up playing SNES Squeresoft RPG's. Had saved up for 2 months then finally got to play FF3 and Chrono Trigger as a 12 year old using the bulky NTSC to PAL adaptor thing.
    Now all Nintendo can do is have the least hardware intense game Square has made in the last year to be their show of 3rd party RPG publisher.

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