I Love This German Grandma Reading Children's Books On Twitch

My knowledge of foreign languages amounts to "can read some French OK and could conceivably order a beer and ask where the bathroom is if I really had to". Despite this, I still can't get enough of a German grandma reading what I'm pretty sure are children's books on Twitch.

I do not speak any German at all, so I can't really tell you much about this woman — I was browsing Twitch Creative and clicked on the profile for MarmeladenOma, because she seemed nice. Upon plugging in my headphones I realised she wasn't speaking English. I'm not sure what she's reading, but she seems like she's about to bring me some milk and cookies. I'm sold!

In a way, it's more relaxing to listen to this without understanding the language. I'm not getting wrapped up in the plot, I'm just listening to a kindly-sounding voice. Who wouldn't want that? She could read the phone book for all I care. I just hope she's not saying anything, uh, super weird. When I sent the channel to my friend Denis, who speaks German, he had this to say.

Oh! Neat!

Just in case you need a sleep aid, MarmaldenOma has a YouTube channel with dozens of archived videos of her reading. A quick trip to Google translate tells me that she at one point read Cinderella, but honestly, I don't want to ruin the mystery.


    Are you into ASMR? I'm pretty sure you like this because it's basically ASMR and that you are now a fan of ASMR. Enjoy.

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