If Super Mario Odyssey Had The Realism Of Grand Theft Auto

Super Mario Odyssey's trailer was only a couple of minutes long, but it was enough to get everyone hung up on was Mario's bizarre appearance in a fictionalised version of NYC. The immediate comparison was that Odyssey reminded people of GTA, so it was only a matter of time before mods mashed together the whimsy of Odyssey with GTA's grit.

CrowbCat combined parkour and realism GTA IV mods and paired them Super Mario Odyssey's music, and the result is hilarious. I'd play this on the Nintendo Switch.

You know what, maybe it's good that Mario isn't as tall as the other humans. He has some Slenderman thing going here — yikes.


    So Kotaku shows this video from CrowbCat, but then refused to show CrowbCat Best video he made, which is the about the no man sky Lie-a-thon, even after I posted it in comments many times here.


    Which essentially is censorship to cover up their own complicity in the no man sky hype scam and then the gross victim blaming post NMS release.
    But now they are hypocriticaly using this CrowbCat video to promote their own unprincipled popularity agenda, and way later than other large gaming media sites. I was waiting many months for this to happen and now Kotaku couldn't help themselves. Amazing.

    CrowbCat is an excellent critic and has recently done very good recent videos on PS4 pro noise issues for many owners, and he did an insanely comprehensive coverage on the quality difference between Dead rising 1 against dead rising 4.

    But Kotaku isnt interested in that enough. they're more interested in superficial dross, and proud bias promotion.

    Let's see if the censorship continues.

      No, that comment can stand. But I'd say this is an article about Super Mario Odyssey, not No Man's Sky, and a video about NMS in here makes no sense.

      I'd thoroughly disagree that the site "blamed" gamers for No Man's Sky. We ran a range of opinions about NMS, from our own to those of developers providing their own insight. The game obviously let a lot of people down, but we covered every aspect of it as it unfolded, from the good to the bad.

      We can't always cover everything though. We're only human. Sometimes I'll slip up or just not have time to get to something, and I'd ask that you remember that even I can't work 24 hours a day. (And I try to work as hard as I possibly can.)

      holy shit dude are you for real? get over it, this article isn't even about NMS.

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