Japan Now Has Kit Kat Sushi

This week in Tokyo, you can buy Kit Kat sushi. Dreams are real!

[Image: Kit Kat Japan via Tokyo Bargain Mania]

According to Entabe and Tokyo Bargain Mania, the first street-facing Kit Kat specialty shop will open in Tokyo's Ginza on February 2. (The other shops are located in department stores and in underground shopping areas.) To mark the event, the store will be selling very special sushi Kit Kats.

[Image: Kit Kat Japan via Tokyo Bargain Mania]

Kit Kat sushi will come in three flavours: Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg) and Uni (sea urchin). Their actual taste is slightly different, but the treats were created in the image of the sushi that inspired them.

[Image: Kit Kat Japan via Tokyo Bargain Mania]

Maguro is raspberry flavour Kit Kats on puffed rice covered with white chocolate. You get the sourness of the red fruit with the sweetness of chocolate.

[Image: Kit Kat Japan via Tokyo Bargain Mania]

Uni has both Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavoured Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed, gunkan-maki ("battleship-maki") style.

[Image: Kit Kat Japan via Tokyo Bargain Mania]

Tamago is pumpkin pudding flavoured. The Kit Kats are served on puffed rice covered in white chocolate and wrapped with seaweed for a gentle flavour akin to real tamago.

This is the first Kit Kat sushi available in Japan. Last year, however, Kit Kat Japan did have Kit Kat sushi as an April Fools' Day joke.

[Image via SnapDish]

These, however, are no joke! The Kit Kat sushi set is available for upwards of 3000 yen ($35) at the Ginza shop in highly limited quantities between February 2 and February 4. Expect them to go fast.


    Awesome, just need to add some WASABI and Kit Kat Sushi is complete :)

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