JB Hi-Fi's Two Games For $40 Deal Is Very Good Indeed

Hey, you like Alien: Isolation? Of course you do, it was the best game of 2014. How about Fallout 4?

Sure, it was also very good.

How would you like them both for $40?

Or Shovel Knight? Or Rainbow Six: Siege? Or Assassin's Creed: Syndicate?

Yeah, this is a very good deal situation.

This two for $40 thing is available in-store, but it also appears to be an online deal if that's your bag.

There are a lot of good deals. A lot of Ubisoft games actually.

Here are some more that jumped out at me:

— Far Cry 4

— Wolfenstein: The New Order

— Trackmania Turbo

— Trials Fusion

— LittleBigPlanet 3

— Tearaway Unfolded

A lot of good stuff there.


    It's a pity their 2 PC games for $20 deal has a bunch of nothing games in it. Here's the link if you're a PC gamer and want to see the selection anyway: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/games-consoles/games/2-for-20-PC/

      Wow you're right. That's a terrible list. Not surprised the console kids get all the good stuff. PC loses again.

      Ty for link.

        Pc does not lose, PC gets steam sales :)

          Like seriously!

          At least two of these games are < $20 on steam right now without being discounted.

          I'm always amazed when console owners get excited about games at prices I wouldn't touch on PC.

            They're probably getting excited because it's deals they don't often see. Sure, prices that you, a PC player wouldn't touch because you have access to much better deals, and you'd always go for the best one.

            That's precisely what they're doing, and why they're excited. Does this truly amaze you?

            P.S. I might be under the influence and trying to logic too hard on the internet. I just couldn't help myself.

            Console gamers can sell those games after they've finished with them and will never play them again.

            Hey, I have a PC and consoles, I see your point, just playing devil's advocate.

      Has a bunch of nothing, And most stores rarely have any of the games in stock anyway.

      Entitled whiner alert!

        Who said anything about an entitled whiner? I commented that the PC game selection is bad, and it is. I'm not saying I'm entitled to anything, nor am I whining. Just making a comment, Mr Guest.

        Last edited 20/01/17 6:00 pm

        I fail to see where he is acting entitled, He simply commented that the selection is poor. Grow up.

    Hey, you like Alien: Isolation?It's been a long day and I read that as "Allen: Isolation".

    Picked up Alien Isolation before christmas and I can't believe I didnt earlier. Fantastic game, I have no idea how people can think the pacing is shit, I loved all of it.

      I was only today asked what I thought of it and my big issue was pacing, other than I think that it's very good. I couldn't finish it though as I found the pacing killed it for me.

        I can see how the pacing is divise but it kept my guessing what would happen. I liked how the game felt broken up and the length but I can understand some would prefer it shorter

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