Landmark Is Closing Down

Landmark Is Closing Down

The MMO formerly known as Everquest Next Landmark, Landmark is closing down next month.

Daybreak Game Company, which also develops the H1Z1 survival games and PlanetSide 2, thanked users for their “creative talents”. “You pushed the boundaries of what Landmark could do, and we are grateful for the time and energy you shared through your creations in this game,” the announcement added.

Landmark’s closure follows the shutting down of EverQuest Next in March last year, and is one in a string of games that the studio has shut down over the years. Others that failed to stand the test of time include Star Wars Galaxies (although fan servers live on), Pirates of the Burning Sea, The Matrix Online, Magic: The Gathering Tactics, and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.


  • I didn’t even know Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures was a thing. I looked it up just now, it looked awful.

    Landmark just never hit the mark (no pun intended). It was an engine and tech demo and never had enough purpose to really be considered a game, certainly not one worth playing for any length of time. It would have worked if it was the sandbox where EQNext buildings were made before being imported over (like it was intended) but on its own? It was never going to last.

    • yep its really bad mark, take money for game then shutdown servers…. at least leave servers up

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