Legendary StarCraft Players Flash And Jaedong Battle In Brood War 

Last night during the Afreeca Starleague semifinals in South Korea, iconic StarCraft: Brood War players Flash and Jaedong matched up once again for what turned out to be an incredibly thrilling series. Yes, it's 2017 and StarCraft: Brood War is still an active esport. What does that say about StarCraft II?

Flash (Terran) and Jaedong (Zerg), two players who helped build esports in South Korea and transform StarCraft into a cultural phenomenon, might best be compared to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. For years in the 2000s they were hard-fought rivals, battling back and forth in various tournaments and making it clear to everyone else that when it came to StarCraft, they were in a class of their own. But it's been years since they have matched up in a proper tournament — until now.

The winner of this matchup gets to face Sea (Terran) in the Grand Finals on Sunday. And the winner of that matchup will take home ₩20,000,000 ($22,782).

The best place to watch the Flash-Jaedong match is over on Afreeca. Game one starts at around 31:00. It's well worth your time.


    What does that say about StarCraft II?

    Just like all fighting game tournaments only use current-gen games, amiright?

      Yeah, it doesn't say anything about Starcraft II. Starcraft II is a different game.

      Brood War however is incredibly dated now. It should be noted that this is basically a one-off event and they got Flash and Jaedong - who are both now retired, by the way, as the card to draw spectators in.

        No it isn't? This is the semi-finals of the ASL, a full 32-player tournament. Flash will play against Sea in the finals next, as the article states.

          yep, Flash only retired from SC2, he's still kicking arse in Brood War

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