Look At This Official KOTOR Action Figure

Last year, Star Wars/toy fans were asked which character they'd like to see turned into one of the series' fancy Black Series action figures. The winner: Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic, who is now finished and for sale...if you can find him.

If you're thinking, well, he doesn't look very detailed, that's because this isn't a fancy $US250 ($340) adult collectible. The Black Series are regular ol' 15cm action figures, designed as much for kids to play with as for adults to stick on a shelf and try and stop their cats knocking over.

Images via Toyark.


    But does this mean he's canon?

      Does it matter? He/ She is goddamn fantastic and I want it :D

      I doubt it means anything other than they're happy to make money off people who love KOTOR but it's nice to live in hope :P

      Last edited 09/01/17 12:25 am

      I think the light side male narrative might be considered canon? Or was before the Disney acquisition. I'm not sure.

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