Majora’s Mask Kicks Off First 4 Figures’ Life-Size Replica Line

Majora’s Mask Kicks Off First 4 Figures’ Life-Size Replica Line

Collectible statue makers First 4 Figures are branching off into the gaming replica business, starting with a stunning 63cm replica of The Legend of Zelda‘s Majora’s Mask, complete with conveniently removable horns.

First 4 Figures has been doing Zelda statues for ages, so it makes sense that Nintendo’s RPG series be the focus of the company’s initial move into the life-size replica range. Using game files, designer Manish Nautiyal has done a fine job bringing one of gaming’s most recognisable pieces of facewear to life, capturing the bright colours and slightly sinister look.

It’s kind of hard to judge the size of the pieces from the official pictures of it hanging on its fancy tree stump base, so I’ve included the hour-long making of video First 4 Figures put together to mark the announcement. Assuming these aren’t two very tiny men, the mask looks huge. Luckily the horns are held in place by magnets and can be removed for storage and transportation.

As is the tradition with First 4 Figures work, the Majora’s Mask replica comes in two different flavours. The standard edition, which will be available whenever pricey collectibles are sold, runs $US359 ($488).

Then there is the exclusive edition, available directly through First 4 Figures. It includes LEDs to make the eyes glow all bright and eerie. It’s $US385 ($523), because LEDs aren’t cheap.

The life-size Majora’s Mask replica is now available for pre-order, with a planned shipping date of third quarter 2017. The size of the limited runs is still to be determined, but expect it to be relatively small.


    • Lol you need to see the sarcasm in the post.

      or maybe it is my failure to see the sarcasm in your comment.

  • Ugh, it’s not because LEDs are expensive, but rather because the material is no longer just a painted, opaque surface. It’s more costly to use a transperant material, and in fact, a glass paint or a transperant paint is expensive, for example, Pebeo glass paint is $10 for 150ml. Then, it would be too easy to see the LEDs so some form of light diffusion needs to be done.
    What I’m saying is, it requires a lot of time and effort to make it look good, and that time and effort is not cheap. Unlike LEDs.

  • I bought a few of the awesome Zelda ones back in the day, but the prices have increased so much I can’t justify them anymore. Dark Link is so badass still though. Biggest one I got was Darunia, he is massive.

    The Link on horseback and the King of Red Lions are mighty tempting though.

  • Jesus, can you please write your headlines from the perspective of someone who’s never heard of every single gaming-related company in the world? That headline is a goddamned nightmare if you don’t know what ‘First 4 Figures’ is.

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