Man Finds Wii U Kiosk In Gamestop Dumpster

No idea why YouTuber RetroGamesVinylandBeer was raking through a Gamestop bin in the first place, but he was (bless him) and he found something of value: a Wii U kiosk.

I mean, good on him. But maybe it's a sign of the times. The Wii U, consigned to the literal bin of video game history.

I'm glad it's found a nice home.


    Great to see that giant corporations would still rather throw something away than give it to someone who'll actually use it.

      I imagine it depends who in particular gave the order to throw them away.

      Back in the days when I worked at McDonalds, all of the managers would ask the crew before throwing things away.

      These ranged from a entire box of chocolate straws, a box of avocados, promotional cups and mugs, and most commonly happy meal toys.

      Guessing noone wanted it. These things are big and they aren't about to spend time trying to deal with ebay or anything to get rid of them

        Bet they didn't even ask anyone. Was most likely a direct order from head office to chuck it out. They don't give things away that they can't use anymore because they are so shit scared of getting sued if anything happens (eg people getting hurt, property getting damaged, and in the case of food people getting sick).

        Plus their mindset is "if we give it to someone that's one less console that we'll be able to sell". Instead of "hey, if we give it away that's a customer we can sell games to". Which, from what I've been told they make more money off anyway.

        Edit: just watched the video and noticed that the console was missing. Staff member probably took it.

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          That's not true though. I was offered a 360 one awhie bank through a friend of a friend at eb games. Nearly took it but takes up to much room

      the screen is broken and the console is missing, it's ultimately just a shitty desk

        Would say that head office demanded it be damaged before being thrown out. Probably wanted pictures emailed as proof too.

          Man not a fan of Gamestop?

            He's probably not wrong though... When I worked in retail I was asked to throw away some returned "faulty" digital cameras and a Nintendo DS. I went to walk away to the dunpster but the manager requires that I snap the DS in half.. I pinched the camera though (turned out nothing wrong just a faulty battery/charger ayyyy)

              Yeah that shit is just stupid. Why not donate them to a kids shelter or something, stupid billion dollar conglomerates.

      I've seen similar stories over the years and often it seems to come back to laws around writing off goods which guides for profit organisations to dump product rather than gift it.

      They also possibly have some sort of arrangement that prohibits them gifting or selling it too be it arrangements with Nintendo or issues around returns handling and internal policy around promotional gear.

      Lastly another comment said it was missing the console, which makes me question why a charity would want it anyway unless the intention was to sell it themselves to collectors.

    Its a fitting burial for the worst home console in generations.

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