Mark Hamill Reads Joker-Like Donald Trump Tweet As The Joker

Mark Hamill Reads Joker-Like Donald Trump Tweet As The Joker

When writer Matt Oswalt pointed out that president-elect Donald Trump’s recent New Year’s Eve tweet sounded like something the Joker would say, the Joker rose to the occasion.

The tweet in question:

And here’s actor Mark Hamill, known not just for playing Luke Skywalker but for voicing the Joker in the Batman Arkham video game series (and of course various movies/TV shows including Batman: The Animated Series), nailing it:

Incoming Trump tweet about how much Star Wars sucked in five, four, three…


    • Id be suprised his tiny hands can even hold a phone, Maybe his staff have given him a fake babies toy phone to keep him occupied. I mean the phone just makes random electronic noises but trump doesnt know the difference

      • I like to think it’s one of those little lolly-filled toy phones. Filled with red, white and blue lollies.

        Putin is also #1 on speed dial.

        • I think the last thing his staff want to do is give trump sugar. Imagine what he will do then. They wont be able to get him to go to sleep for hours.

    • Kevin Conroy would be, wouldn’t he? I see Hamill’s Joker as a Best Supporting Actor role.

      Together they spun gold.

    • With all the superhero crap they’re producing it’s no surprise that it’s making it’s way into “real” life and why shouldn’t it start at the very “top”?


    …and then skulk in when I don’t think anyone is looking because it’s Star Wars and don’t want to miss out.

  • Genuinely funny (and frightening) how well that worked, though I wish he hadn’t stretched “love” into the weird exhale. Would’ve been perfect without that.

    Hope he does more of these. 😀

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