Marvel Wants You To Love Captain Marvel Again

Carol Danvers has had a rough few months being raked through the mud that was Civil War II. But she has a new comic series out this week, and perhaps more importantly to Marvel, a movie scheduled for 2019. So after spending the almost a year giving her a position she could not defend without coming across as awful, Marvel is trying to re-invigorate the Carol Corps.

Although that journey partially begins in today's Mighty Captain Marvel #1, by Margaret Stohl and Ramon Rosanas, it also begins in a new video series from Marvel. Done in the style of their Black Panther recap videos under the "Marvel Spotlight Music" name, the new series hopes to re-introduce who Carol Danvers is to audiences while conveniently sweeping under the rug the bizarre path Civil War II took her down in 2016.

OK, so while there is some acknowledgement of Carol's dogged dedication to policing things that had yet to happen, Minority Report-style, during Civil War II, in the video, it's mainly conveniently punting it off into the realm of future discussion. Meanwhile, hey! Captain Marvel is a pretty cool superhero, right? Remember her? Here's a video to remind you of who that person was.

Let's hope the double dose of her own video series and monthly jolts of Mighty Captain Marvel can help us move on from Civil War II — which somehow, I'd like to remind you, is still not technically over yet — as well.


    Maybe don't let Bhendis shit on every character if you would like them to continue to grow in popularity; better yet, don't let him do events anymore. The guy is ok at setting up interesting stories, but he can't ever seem to maintain character consistency, they always end up acting far off left or right field for no apparent reason; if only to move the story along. If not for how Tony was at the end of Civil War 1, I am sure the character would have pretty much had to have been shit panned.

    If you want us to love her, maybe not force her in to the roll of antagonist for Civil War II?

    By the time we got to Banner, most of her character was stripped back, leaving her an empty device.
    She was a blind soldier whenever there was tension, tossing away all logic and empathy to cause conflict.
    Any display of regret or contemplation are brushed aside as trivial, just so she could rush to be on the wrong side of the next clash.

    Now we get to watch her restored character bravely pick up the pieces of lazy writing.

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    I knew it! i called this with my partner halfway through Civil war II!

    Bendis ran a serious character assassination on Carol, took my most beloved hero and made her take actions that just didn't fit.

    Then, it's almost like someone at Marvel was like "Hey, Doesn't Carol have a huge movie coming out that's super hyped and maybe it'll tank if people don't like her anymore cause we let Bendis turn her into a bitch monster?"

    I really hope they can get her back to where she was post M day. Striving to be the best of the best, and much more human than she's felt lately.

      Could have been worse, they could have spent twenty plus years destroying any chance of the character being liked by most comic readers, only to then spend a year and a half building the poor guy/gal back up and then just poof... killed ya off.

      Like really, you wanna make us hate Tony for forever, then make him a good guy and finally just kill him off. F- you Bhendis.

      I got into Marvel when a friend said that if I wanted a good read I should go back to "Demon in a bottle". Tony was literally what got me into Marvel and the only way I could be more disappointed would be if I was a Richard Rider fan. Its also worth noting that the friend that got me into Marvel was and hasn't read Marvel since the "Kings" story line.

    Wasn't interested in Captain Marvel before Civil War 2: Electric Bugaloo, and sure as hell aren't interested in her now.

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