Mass Effect 2 Is Free On PC

Image: EA/Bioware

If you're hanging out for Andromeda, why not kill the time by playing perhaps the best Mass Effect game - for free?

Mass Effect 2 is the latest title to become available through the On The House section of Origin. It's available in Australia and the US right now, which is a nice change of pace. And if you're going to replay ME2, do yourself a favour and get this HD texture pack as well. It's totally worth it.


    lol I remember downloading the HD texture pack for ME3, it was over 5GB

    Great game, ME2, prob the best out of the 3 (although you could argue the combat is still a bit odd and it was only really refined in ME3)

      Definitely the combat was much better in ME3, but I kinda like the stilted feel of ME2 combat. The story in ME2 and the general gameplay i rate as being much higher though.

    The best of the Mass Effect's. However, because of the very few weapons to collect in this game, it's well worth picking up at least one of the weapons DLC packs. If they're still available that is.

      the counter to your suggestion is that ME2 DLCs uses Bioware points and you can never buy the right amount for the DLC. so you're (hypothetically) paying $7 for 200 points for a 160 point DLC

      the likely hood that 40 points can be used later is practically zero because BW points have been phased out

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        Yeah, I guess you have to way it up for the full price of 200 points, not the exact price.

        I'd forgotten about that, but remember it being a hassle from back in the day. Dragon Age extras were really annoying to purchase as well.

        To add to what you have said. You can only purchase the DLC through the bioware website itself. If you try on origin it bugs out and fails at checkout.

          really? I've never tried, mostly because Bioware's games has been day one purchases for me since err NWN lol

          that sucks then, I wish ME would just have a collectors edition like DA:O

            Yeah, Couple of months ago wanted to buy all the dlc for ME2, Tried doing it through the origin storefront but everytime i went to process the order, It just came up with an error. EA Support could not help me and just gave me 25% off vouchers.

            Could only purchase dlc if i did it directly from the bioware website.

    Does this come with Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC?

      I just claimed it and a few extras are included with it, but I think they're the ones that are free anyway. You get ME2, the ME2 documentary, the digital art books, the sound track, Umbra Visor, Cerberus Arc Projector, Firewalker Pack, Cerberus Armour and Weapon Pack, Zaeed, Normandy Crash Site, Blood Dragon Armour and the Terminus Weapon and Armour Pack.

      Although I think the Dragon Age Blood Dragon Armour might be something I already had unlocked thanks to the original promotion.

      Overall the On The House promotions are pretty good, but I don't think they're ever Game of the Year Edition good unless we're talking about games from the 90's or earlier.

    Really wish it had controller support on PC

      Yep. I've asked EA on Twitter announcing I would pay full price for all three games on PC with new PS4 controller support that looks relatively easy to implement.

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