Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets A Release Date

Bioware and EA had previously confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda was coming out in March, but now we know precisely when.

In a blog post from Bioware's general manager, the studio confirmed that the first new Mass Effect game in five years would be launching in the United States on March 21. Players in Europe will get it on March 23. A specific date for Australia and New Zealand wasn't disclosed, or whether Australia would be rolled in with the aforementioned regions.


    I'm pretty excited, also feel that there was a missed opportunity by not having multiple playable races.
    ME3 multiplayer let you play as all the main species so I was expecting to be able to do it here, it would have been really cool.

      Are you talking about multiple races in ME:A MP only? Because it would be a logistical nightmare to do it for the campaign. It's impressive enough they do it for both genders, let alone several races. Even if you limited it to Human, Asari, Turian and Quarian that's 7 voice actors with 7 whole sets of dialogue. Not to mention you'd have to have whole swathes of the plot dynamically responding to your choice (remember how important it was that Sheppard was the first human Spectre?).

        BioWare get around that by having VAs be the same across races. See SWTOR and Inquisition.

        So what? It's their job to do that. Don't make excuses for them. Everything is hard. Expect more from the companies.

          "Expect more from game companies"
          They have said this game is four times larger than ME3, which takes at least 30 hours, so thats 120 hours, plus having a multiplayer section. they've done a lot lot more than most game companies do (more than almost all game companies really). If you are expecting more than that and still only want to pay $60 you are crazy.

            Larger is not longer

            I can have a rectangle 4 times larger than another

            But a rectangle that is 4m x30m isn't necessarily 4 times longer than one that is 1m x 30m

            And a rectangle that's 10x15m isn't either

            Much like GTAV has a giant desert

              You are quite right. I saw that and just assumed larger=longer, but it also doesn't necessarily mean its not longer, could be a 1m x 120m rectangle, hmm, i hope it is.

            Wow. Okay. So I guess you're ready to like whatever they serve up.

            Me? I'm more a wait and see kind of person.

            I've played all the Mass Effect's man. Multiple times. I still expect more. This is bioware. They've been doing RPGs with multiple races/sexes/classes for a long time. They should be able to do it.

            Frankly I find your attitude quite strange. Why defend the company that we are consumers of? We should only pay them money if their product meets our standards, not be happy with whatever they do. That's crazy. Do you work for EA at all? You've even researched the game.

            edit- BTW, the cheapest version of the game is $90 for us in Australia. Why are you logging on from America to leave comments. DO you work for EA???

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              Yes thats definitely what i said, just like whatever they release
              Obviously that was assuming everything else went at least fairly well, obviously if the game is dog shit its not going to matter how long it is, but so far none of the mass effect games have been bad (excluding how one might feel about the ending), so if its well made and also longer you couldnt honestly say they didnt put enough into it.

              im also partly saying this from the perspective that id prefer they put more time and energy into just human male/female story than splitting up their time/money/workers making it for 5 different races, because no matter how much the company tries that would obviously cost them a lot more in time and money and therefor mean either each part is slightly worse than if they had concentrated on one or the whole story/game world would be smaller/shorter.

              Also i wasnt really disagreeing with you about "expect more from game companies" more just i thought saying it about bioware (specially mass effect) is a bit harsh, i mean each mass effect took me near 40 hours per playthrough plus in the case of ME3 there was multiplayer which a lot of people put another ton of hours into, plus like you said you did and a very large amount of other people did, you can very happily play through each game again for another 40 hours (multiple times)

              Like i said i didnt say or even imply "like whatever they release", and again obviously only buy it if it meets your standards, its just an odd game to complain about. I'd complain about something like Overwatch, a multiplayer only game that released at full price (and higher than most other games) and has not gone down in price in half a year of going out. Mass effect has clearly been one of the best value games series around is what im getting at.

              $90 i see you still havent realised there are stores other than EB Games, Also i didnt say but i was talking about PC, which you can get for $63 here, and even the console versions are $74 (which actually is higher than i saw a week or two ago).
              And i would bet my life on some store having a sale on it at release or just after for somewhere around $60, just like pretty much every other game has had for the last year or more.

              EDIT: holy moly sorry about so much writing haha, thats a big wall of text.

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                Haha. It's okay man. I know what it's like to be a fan of something. I was going off the Origin store prices. I don't really buy physical anymore since they all just look like DVD boxes now.

        Late reply, but:

        Yeah, I mean canpaign too. They could have had two voice actors (one male, one female) with neutral sounding voices if that makes sense, so that the other species wouldn't sound too human.
        Even if it was just like Quarian, Turian and say like one more, that's still some decent options.

        As for story, it's a new galaxy and a supposedly unrelated story so they could just have it with a different Father and Brother for your main character for each species.

    Surely we would get the same release date as Europe. Anyway my birthday is in March, so this will be a great b'day present, along with the Nintendo Switch :)

      I just wish Nintendo splashed some cash to get EA to port this to the Switch.

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    It will more then likely be very similar to most of the dates listed, I cant see a reason as to why it would not be.

    EB games release is March 23rd :O

    I imagine we'll get it on the 23rd, as many other games come out here on Thursdays... But then having said that, I think past Mass Effects have come out on special-release Tuesdays? *shrug*

    everything comes out thursday for us so I expect the 23rd as well, it's our traditional pay day, although that's not the case anymore in our digital society. besides the US 21st is the AU 22nd (give or take) so we're not that far behind.

    now to decide if I want any of those digital stuff from Origin and pay $100 or not... past experience tells me I really shouldn't... heh

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Releases in Australia with Origin on 22 March @ 11pm.

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