Mass Effect: Andromeda Has A New Trailer

Another Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer dropped today, and in it, we're introduced to more teammates than before. Also, hello, kissing scene! The game will be released on March 23.


    It looks good and I'll probably buy it.

    Totally picking on tiny details here but I find it annoying that all the character look to be in their 20s and early 30s. Usually command types are a lot older than that.

      True but they are being sent to another galaxy to colonise it. Younger the better, can't have too many seniors about that'll die off before anything is really established.

        Totally. You don't want the people with y'know, experience and ten times the training making key decisions over billions of dollars worth of hardware.

        Who would want that?

        I want the kids from Beverly Hills 90210 making ALL THE DECISIONS!!!!

      The technology used to resurrect Shepard in ME2 inspired major improvements in medical technology, especially rejuvenation tech.

      The commander you play is actually 197, and is on their third incarnation.

        This. This is a good point.

        I swear my shepard looked like he was closing in on 40. I even gave him a receding hairline and a fu manchu 'stache. Cos I thought it made him look badass.

    I feel like this cinematic might be giving away a little too much. Hopefully what they showed aren't major plot points as is the tradition with trailers these days.

    super pumped for this game, just finished my ME1 play through and started on my ME2 one yesterday, hopefully have ME3 finished off by launch of Andromeda so I will be in full ME mode

      I'm going backwards haha, it took me two weeks of on and off gaming to finish ME3. almost done with 2 now

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      I'm always 'fuck mass effect and everything it stands for' after I finish ME3.

      I'd stop playing after ME2.

    The Andromeda Initiative has also put out another training video

    for those who don't want to sign in this is the hidden video on the ME youtube chanel

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      Dammit, I got my Andromeda Initiative shirt and everything, but I'm still not getting these sekrit squirrel club updates! I gotta look into that... spam filter maybe.

        to be fair it's not you per se, it's probably your EA account settings. i have a dummy EA account where I've turned on every possible notifications that exist.

        i do that with other game services / games that i'm interested in as well and it can feel very spammy sometimes (at one stage I had over 500 emails / day)

    so im going to have a new zelda AND a new Mass Effect in the same damn month.
    gezz thats so good its bad

    "I don't need an army... I've got a Krogan." Oh hells yes. I've wanted to say this so many times in Mass Effect.

      It should be the default renegade dialogue choice.

    I've wanted to know for a while now: what does "representative of game experience" mean in marketing speak?

      Targeted renders... or gist of gameplay generally.

      The game might not look like this yet, but this near where we think it'll end up by the time it's published.
      Or, this scene may be cut or changed... but you'll probably still get to shoot and bang aliens.

        What it normally means is that the trailer/clip was generated using the game engine rather than with cgi animation in a studio, so what you see will be more or less what you get, assuming not too many changes are made to the engine between then and release (I'm looking at you, Witcher 2 *grrrrr*)

    It looks great, but... Someone in Bioware's marketing team must have really liked the Forza Horizon 3 trailer. Compare the music from 50 seconds onwards with this:

    It's a slightly different arrangement, but the same key, chords, and progression, with a very similar percussive buildup to create tension before the softer piano/strings come in on the title reveal.

    Disappointed. I'm sure it will be a great game but it won't be ME. Closer to Tomb raider in space or something like that. The multiplayer styled combat will really take me out of the story ( ---> RPG). I don't want to spend endless hours trying to get good at some timing+finger twitching combat, while having NO control over squad combos. Scouring the screen in the midst of a heated firefight looking for some "visual clue" to launch a power attack is NO control over combo's. The combat system in ME (pause aim direct squadmates etc) was one of it's distinguishing features. You didn't have to play that way no one forced you too, and after many (many) replays of those games I got pretty good in combat without pausing. The play style was not forced on me and I could play with a variety of styles and pace. Crafting in the 22ND century? I sort of expect that for Lara stuck in the middle of nowhere having to make do with what she can find. It fits with the story. So too with Geralt, with his potions, bombs etc. It fits. For ME, well not so much. I have the Nexus and the ark ships + Sofisticated VI's I expect to buy what I need. Discover rare alien tech sure that makes sense, but crafting? It seems to me that EA (bioware) borrowed as much as It could from existing title's (DA), locked in ME3 multiplayer style combat used a newer engine (frostbite) and added a more open world (not sure that's a plus for a story driven RPG). I still believe it will be a good game maybe even great, but as a HUGE fan of ME it doesn't look appealing to me. The game seems too focused on "Doom" fans. A million mile an hour combat and no time to think or plan, run and gun or Die. Mass Effect Andromeda's producer Fabrice Condominas has stated that he doesn't want player's to have a choice, the me3 multiplayer style combat is enforced, no more strategic shooting from cover, if you try to play that way enemies will spawn behind you. You are meant to have a hard time adjusting to the combat, because they believe that's where the fun and the profit is. The RPG elements are there for window dressing. The story of having fluid combat is false a lie. You can provide fluid fast paced combat without "enforcing" it. As I said I hope it is a good game but I definitely won't preorder. How can you trust a developer that hands overs development of arguably the best RPG of all time, to the me3 multiplayer shootem up team. ME:A just isn't aimed at gamers like myself.

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