Maybe THIS Will Be A Good Aliens Shooter

For a movie so famous for its frantic gunplay, we haven't had a good shooter based on Aliens in a long time. So hey, if professional game studios can't get the job done, maybe this upcoming mod can.

Aliens: Legacy is a new project born out of a partnership between two existing Doom mods, with the aim of creating "the ultimate fan-made 2.5D Aliens shooter".

I will play it just for that Vasquez-ified Doom guy avatar. And because my memories of the original Aliens mod for Doom in the 90s are that it was excellent.

You can follow development here. And if you want to try the two mods Legacy's creators worked on previously, they're here and here.


    Hey there was Infestation. More of a platforming shooter/metroidvania, but hey :P

    Reminds me of the old game Alien Trilogy from the mid 90s. Was great at the time.

      Alien Resurrection was pretty good too. One of the first (if not the first) game to introduce using both analog sticks in an FPS.

      Played the heck out of that game, mostly wearing pink 8cid boots. An HD remake would probably solve the Alien shooter problem (no doubt the game plays like crap today).

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