Micro Machines Is Coming Back

Micro Machines Is Coming Back

Couldn’t get enough of the legendary manic racer that was Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament? Then you might like to know that it’s coming back.

Codemasters has just announced that Micro Machines World Series will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this April. It’ll support up to 12 players online and four racers in local co-op, according to the press release.

But before you get too excited, Codies noted that they “saw great success earlier this year with our free-to-play mobile game”. That’s available on Android and iOS, and if you haven’t played it it’s very similar in gameplay to Toybox Turbos, a Codies-produced game which was basically Micro Machines with power-ups.

And not to spoil the party or anything, but Toybox Turbos was no Micro Machines. It didn’t have the same sense of speed, didn’t have the league mode with promotion/relegation that made MM2 so enjoyable. And that’s a key factor: despite having World Series in the title, the only game modes mentioned in the press release for the new Micro Machines are Race, Elimination, two team modes for multiplayer (CTF, King of the Hill) and various battle arenas.

So, Micro Machines is coming back. But certainly not in the Turbo Tournament style. Either way, I’ll check it out when it lands in April and let you know what it’s like.


  • it’s coming back.


    But certainly not in the Turbo Tournament style.


    I look forward to the reviews when it comes out.

  • oh wow, i havnt heard of micro machines for a long long long time.
    I lost so many cars to the vacuum cleaner growing up

  • Oh man, I remember the days when we got enough people together for eight players on the mega drive. It was amazing/hectic.

    I’d even pay real monies for a port of V3. The sound of the ice cream truck falling off the table will stay with me forever.

  • Are they retaining the top down view? I worry it will just be riding the rocket league/Mario kart bandwagon.

  • Toybox Turbos wasn’t quite MicroMachines, but I always felt it was more an opening to bring MM back with a followup (which kinda started with porting TT to become MM for mobile) – here’s hoping it’ll see some solid development with ongoing support rather than just being another hacked-together reskin.

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