Microsoft Australia Is Drunk With Power

Remember those Xbox Onesies?

Remember that stroke of marketing genius that went viral on a global scale? To the point where even EA tried to imitate it with a tone deaf Battlefield Onesie that almost every reasonable human being railed against?

That idea originated in Australia, with Microsoft Australia to be precise. And as much as I hate onesies with a powerful passion it was a world class idea.

But now Microsoft Australia is drunk with power.

Case in point: this inflatable Microsoft One controller, designed for Australia Day.


Yes, this is an inflatable Xbox One controller.

As per the Microsoft press release:

Replicating the enhanced comfort and feel found on the hardware that inspires it, the new and exclusive floatation device comes complete with two thumbsticks (for added grip) and two drinks holders, to keep swimmers hydrated throughout this scorching summer.

They've gone too far this time. They're drunk with power and they must be stopped.

But maybe you disagree? Maybe you're desperate for one of these massive, inflatable controllers? Good thing Microsoft is giving them away. Head here for more info.


    You say they must be stopped. I say we let this ride. See how deep the ocean of crazy schemes goes. do you actually sit/;lie on this thing?

      I think this is more of a floating bar/cup holder deal.

    Instead of RROD we now have a FROD.

    Floating Ring of Death.


    Imagine if it was operational... actually that's pretty easy to imagine.

    you could probably rig that thing up with sensors so the buttons actually work. Neat

    If I ever went near a pool, I'd probably want one of these with me :P sorry Mark.

    I still want one of those onesies... I still can't believe they didn't just turn around and sell them. They'd be everywhere!

    This is a flamin' disaster, the drink holders should go in the face buttons.


    Strewth mate, do I have to bloody well spell it out for ya?

    That's for me cold B-A!

    They've lost their f*cking minds.

    I want one.

      I want one as well.

    Imagine if they put this time and effort into actually getting ganes released in Australia!!

    Last edited 17/01/17 12:29 pm

    Is everyone forgetting that this product would be far more superior if it was a PS4 controller.

      No, it would deflate in like 1/5 of the time of the XB version.

      And now begins the inflatable console wars!

      I'd love a big inflatable gamecube controller, but I feel like that'd be uncomfortable as hell.

      Actually best would be a Wii U gamepad. Far more room for you and all your friends.

    So its just a bit smaller than the original xbox controllers then?

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