Monopoly Opens Up Voting For The Next Generation Of Tokens, And None Are Safe

Silver: the current Monopoly token lineup. Gold: new tokens up for a chance at board game fame.

In 2013, fans voted to replace Monopoly’s classic iron token with a cat. Now Hasbro is prepared to replace the entire token lineup based on the whims of internet voters. What hope do wheelbarrow and thimble have in the face of computer, T-rex and helicopter?

Monopoly tokens have come and gone since the classic board game made its commercial debut in the 1930s, but this is ridiculous. Today Hasbro launches the Monopoly Token Madness Vote, in which fans can visit and select which eight of the 64 tokens pictured above they’d like to see in the next generation of the storied financial board game.

Hasbro sent along a Token Madness version of Monopoly, featuring the eight current tokens in solver and gold bunny slipper, rubber ducky, Mr Monopoly Emoji, penguin, F1 race car, wristwatch, television and wheel tokens.

Again, no tokens are safe here. All eight of the current crop could be replaced with any of the new ones, a mix of vehicles, footwear, emojis and animals. Could this be the end of the top hat and Scottie dog?

The winning eight will be announced on World Monopoly Day, March 19, with the new version of the board game featuring the fan-voted tokens arriving on store shelves in August.


    Cock and balls. Surely.
    Lots of fun when another player lands on it.

      I would love to see the golden turd token as well

    Do they still ship the game with the same indecipherable rule booklet they've used since the 50s?

    (Fun fact: you're supposed to auction off properties the first time someone lands on them, with the option for the player who landed on it to make a full-price bid.)

      Realy? I landed and simply bought it.

        A better way to explain is if the person who lands on it doesn't want to buy it then it must be auctioned.

          Yeah, we never followed that rule. Think that was the only one. All the other 'house rules' were ignored like free parking, lap the board once etc.

    Harambe, Dick butt, Sad Keanu.

    Isn't there already a Boaty Mcboat Face in the original line up?

      I would so buy an internet memes edition of monopoly.

    This kind of publicity stunt and themed sets are pretty much the only way that they manage to convince people that Monopoly is actually fun and/or relevant.

      There is almost no decision making involved in monopoly, people are just rolling dice and participating in a procession.

    Never let the Internet decide things.

    I voted for Montgomery scottie,
    Monster truck, formula one race car, trex, cowboy boot, cowboy hat...two others I no longer recall. Huh.

    I voted for the golden Magikarp.

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