Neko Atsume Could Seriously Be The First Good Video Game Movie

The poster and trailer are out for the Neko Atsume film and everybody, this is not a drill. There are cats, there are people, but most of all ... THERE ARE MORE CATS.

It's been a busy weekend, full of complex emotions, and I think we should end our Sunday by just enjoying a crap-ton of adorable cats in what's sure to be one of the cutest live-action movies to come out of Japan in years. I mean, look how happy he is to have all those cats!

Sure, the trailer's in Japanese with no English subtitles (hint to any Japanese speakers out there). But you know what, it doesn't matter, really. Cats speak the universal language of love.

As of now, there don't seem to be any plans to bring Neko Atsume to the US, which means we need a grassroots campaign now. Neko Atsume is life, now and forever, and it is our duty to make sure the world gets to see the magic of cats lounging around a house for 90 minutes.



    Basically the guy leaves the city to get inspiration as a writer. Then cats start turning up en masse, and that is his inspiration, he writes about them. Insert love story in-between and you are good to go.

    Thought it was the new Nintencats for Switch.

    I've seen very few Japanese actors but I was able to immediately pick him out (Atsushi Ito). Recognised him from his role in Densha Otoko, a really great TV series if anyone is interested!

    Fucking movie studios... all the same.

    "This IP is all the rage, let's make a movie about it!"
    "OK! So, let's make the main character a guy who..."
    "Oh, no, see there are no humans in this."
    "lol fuck that. Movies = humans. Just add characters until we've got a respectable sized cast and the cats/robots/aliens/whatever are just side-characters."

    Same goes for any character that always wears a mask. Hollywood actors are physically incapable of being on-screen without taking off their mask/helmet. There are a few rare exceptions acting as outliers, but you could only count them on a clumsy butcher's hand.

      I haven't played the game, i've only seen my girlfriend playing it, but from what i understand you never control the cats directly, and it is about you buying toys to attract them to come to your house?

      Which means that the plot of this movie involving a man and the cats flooding his house makes total sense and seems like a pretty faithful adaption, did you want the movie to be just about some cats that show up to a house for no reason?

      I totally understand what you are saying, the Mask thing especially gets on my nerves, but i think that this is a pretty good way to make a story out of a mobile game with no story at all.

    @mrbs I know how ya feel, can't see that lovable scamp Billy the Kitten anywhere. Terrible adaptation.

    "Generic Weeb Bullshit Combined With Lolcats, Greatest Film Of All Time."

    ...Yeah, I can see it.

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