NEOGEO Classics Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Image: Kotaku/Alex Walker

If you saw the Switch reveal or read through my hands-on yesterday and wanted the Switch to have a greater games lineup, good news. It seems like it's about to get five more games, courtesy of the NEOGEO era.

In a translated report from Japan's Famitsu and later confirmed by the company on Twitter, the string of NEOGEO ports will start with King of Fighters '98. That's due out in March, supposedly, while Metal Slug 3, Shock Troopers, Waku Waku 7 and World Heroes Perfect will come over at a later date.

The titles will cost around ¥823 (around $10) a piece, although local pricing here may differ.


    I bought all of the good neo geo games on my Wii, and transferred them to my Wii u.

    Unless these have online multiplayer I'm good.

      They have online multiplayer*

      *unsourced rumour that I just created, but they are adding online multiplayer to other games in a similar situation, so.... voila, extrapolation?

    I got Samurai Showdown for the Wii but it ran like garbage due to PAL/NTSC issues. I hope they've fixed that.

      Can I ask what these issues are? I know the pal/ntsc versions had different refresh rates but the games were not pal/ntsc specific. The BIOS on a neogeo isn't even region specific. It was a clock change at a hardware level on the board.

    This is really making me consider the switch to a Nintendo console.... *daum tish*

      Or....just get a retro console and all the rero games you want for a fraction of the cost.

    This is probably going to happen a lot due to the Switch using a chipset that already has an established set of development tools and knowledge built around it. (The Tegra) It's the same situation as with the PS4 and its adoption of an x86 architecture allowing PC games to be ported across with relative ease.

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    The Virtual Console has gotten a real bad rap of late, any conversation you'd want to have about it just descends into crap about how the 3DS doesn't have Atari Lynx games or whatever.

    As someone who's bought VC games since the day the service was launched, I'm most concerned about control options. The audio and visual aspects, while incredibly important, will never always satisfy everybody - I'd just prefer the ability to use my legacy controllers.

    Is that what the term bespoke means?

    As far as pricing goes, again it's a hard nut to crack. The work involved in getting these old games up to par should be compensated, I believe. We don't deserve them for free, as much as we might think we do.

    The Steam and Mobile Phone ports were terrible, so suppress your hype and dont preorder

    Why not just redo the Metal Slug collection but minus the input lag and the painfully slow PAL version?

    Is this what the new Nintendo system which is no more than a Wiiu upgrade has to offer, you can play neo geo anywhere even on your phone, I'll pass, you got to be kidding me, a comeapart system with the most awkward setup, controller, 720p screen, no touch screen, 32 gigs of internal storage/sdcard input on the console, another version of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey kong again!, its like deja vu, once again with this ridiculous so called new system, wtf?, so much hype for nothing, Nintendo will be replacinging this one next year with a 1080p touch screen, 64 gig or 120 gig storage, better controller unless the third parties beat them to it, you know its gonna happen, give me break, Nintendo has gotten enough of my money through the years and failed on providing a real powerful system/games that are worth my hard earned money, just repeated rehashed crap like this, they can keep this junk, I'll spend my money on a better updated powerful console or pc instead of a downgrade and let down like the Nintendo Switch, btw that name also sucks, c-mon Nintendo this is best you got to offer?, pathetic.

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