Nice Butt Pun, Nintendo

Nice Butt Pun, Nintendo

Right now, I’m playing Miitopia. It’s cute, fun and silly. The game also has one pun I can totally get behind.

[Image: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku]

The above enemy character is called “Shiritori” (シリトリ) and appears in the middle of the game.

That’s right, it’s a bird (a turkey?) with a butt face. In Mittopia, evil baddies keeps taking people’s faces and sticking them on enemies you must fight to free their faces.

So, here, you must battle to release these faces from a fowl. But now you might be asking, where’s the pun?

For this character called “Shiritori”, we have a butt or “尻” (shiri) and a “tori” (鳥) or “bird”.

Nice Butt Pun, Nintendo

The enemy in the middle is “Kuchi Tomato” (Mouth Tomato), a pun on “puchi tomato” or “little tomato” in Japan. [Image: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku]

But shiritori (しりとり) is also the name of a famous Japanese children’s word chain game, which loosely translates as “taking the rear”. Yes, “shiri” here still refers to “butt”, and “tori” refers to “taking” as in “toru” (取る), meaning “to take”.

Here’s how you play: First, someone says, “Shiritori”, and then the next person must say a word that starts with “ri” (り). Like, “ringo” (りんご or apple) for example. Then, the next person must say a word that starts with “go” (ご), such as “gorira” (ゴリラ or “gorilla”). The next person must say a word that starts with “ra” and so on. If you accidentally say a word that ends with “n” (ん), you lose!

And so, we have Shiritori, a bird enemy with a face on its butt. This Miitopia pun amused my eight-year-old. Me too.


  • Nothing to do with the article…….

    But great job today team, especially Alex. Really good effort, it’s a lot of info to digest, but just wanted to pass on my thoughts somewhere quiet first.

    Top marks.

  • Any news on this coming out outside of Japan? Just read the linked article and it looks like a blast!

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