Nier Designer Butts In Regarding Cheeky Controversy

It's easy for fans to get behind characters by uploading their own art online. Thanks to Nier: Automata protagonist 2B's tush, the internet certainly has done a lot of that. And the game's creator would like it if you could send it his way in a handy ZIP file. 

[Image: Platinum Games]

While video game butts certainly are nothing new, there was an image from the game's demo purporting to show the character's bunghole. Heh. But as noted on Daily Dot, some claim that the image was Photoshopped. 

Taro Yoko chimed in on Twitter, writing, "Because of the brouhaha over 2B's butt, there are loads of rude drawings and whatnot being uploaded [online]. And since going around and collecting them is a pain, I'd like it if I could get them sent in a zip file every week."

Yoko later tweeted how just by writing "Gimme a zip of 2B art," he got just that. "The internet is amazing," he added. 

The tweet below reads:

"When I got up, my mentions were filled with English."

He might not have expected all the English language interest in video game butts. 


    "Oh no, there's an anus... OH NO! But I'm sure glad you can still murder the fuck outta stuff..."

      There is no butthole, it's fake. But that didn't stop people crying/praising it.

        I can't stop giggling at the absurd imagery that your comment invokes.

        That really isn't the hill that either general should be sending his troops to die. xD

        Indeed but the point still stands. Its an anus whoopdedoo.

        Can still murder the shit outta stuff and thats ok though!

        heh... but...anus...

          This thread keeps reminding me of a certain "helpful" Web site used as a prank on university undergrads.

      Haven't you heard the ol' patriotic American creed?

      "Brother. No-one will bat an eye as you reduce your foe to fine red mist in the Lord's name. But burn in fire if you dare show any skin within 20 feet of a nipple"

      Extreme I know, but at the same time the accuracy is saddening.

      Last edited 10/01/17 8:33 pm

      "But I'm sure glad you can still murder the fuck outta stuff..."
      I'd murder that anus.

    Eh, that butt is broken, it has a crack in it.

      eh, that butt is broken, i has a hole in it.

        .... You has a hole in it?

        If you're going to correct me do it properly ;)

          it wasnt so much as a correction, more of an addition. ive heard both.
          now im not sure if i wanna fix my own spelling mistake or not. it is rather amusing.

            So sensible.

            Sorry for being an arsehole.

              i see what you did there. arsehole accepted....

    Why does he want, essentially fan porn?

      Well he has three choices:
      Ignore it, fight against it or embrace it.

      No matter the choice, the Internet will keep making it.
      (There's porn of Warframe ffs)

      God only knows. To fap? Collaborate? Gain a critical perspective?

      Quite possibly to provide to some bot/company to reverse-image-search for take-down notices.

      Because under the surface Japanese culture far less prudish than most others? Erotic art is common and enjoyed by many? Because he's a fun loving guy who would rather make light of the situation rather than act like a pretentious wanker?

        I guess it just seemed strange in context... ya know?

        One of the above comments mentioned to make it easier to find via reverse image search and that seems to make sense if he wanted it removed. There's no insight as to his intentions though.

        It reads like

        'oh I noticed there is a lot of noise regarding 2Bs butt and lots of people have been making adult artwork, I can't be bothered seeking it out please just send it to me instead'

        The article makes out like he had some sort of comment on the situation, either denouncing it or praising it or something... but his only comment is asking for it to be sent to him.

        I'm not fazed for whatever the reason is, also as mentioned above it could be anything, critique, wants it gone, or just wants some risqué fan art. There was just zero reasoning which I thought was odd.

    Can we please acknowledge that the site which cleared up the Fake Butt-Hole news is called "The Daily Dot".

    Last edited 11/01/17 8:46 am

    Can't beat Tohsaka's, if you know what I mean. ;)

    I'd already read this story elsewhere, but I just had to come here to say that is a fantastic headline.

    Where was all this outrage when The Last Guardian came out? You can see the creatures butt hole pretty damn clearly

      Human buttholes are sexy-taboo, animal buttholes are not. Just like female nipples are sexy-taboo, male nipples are not. Apparently.

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