Nintendo Switch Hits Stores March 3

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo Switch is hitting stores March 3. It's a global launch.

With this tweet from Nintendo Australia, we're assuming Australia will be part of that launch.

The price? We're not sure at this point. But the US$299 price point translates roughly to $400, so it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility to expect a $399.95 price tag.

But as always, expect the unexpected. It might be a little more, it might a little less. We've contacted Nintendo locally and will update when we hear back.


    $299 USD would be $400 + GST, no?

      Yes. The $299USD is usually without local tax.

      Even if the direct conversion of currency says it will be $400AUD here.......we need to add on the Aussie electronic (makes no sense to anyone) tax too. So GST + Aussie tax........

      I'm guessing $500 here.

      Then again, the ps4pro rrp in the US is $399USD and goes for $550AUD here.

      Last edited 13/01/17 4:29 pm

      Then again, $299 US is what the basic WiiU bundle went for and that only buffed to $350 you never know...

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