Nintendo's Online Service Includes A Free NES Or SNES Game Each Month

And here's the cool part: some of the games will have newly added online play.

It's the one detail that was oddly absent from Nintendo's recent conference. Nintendo's newly announced paid online service will actually come with free games. One per month.

These games will be SNES or NES releases.

We haven't been able to confirm precisely how this works. Will Nintendo select the title, ala PSN or Xbox LIVE (likely), or will users be able to select a game of their choice (unlikely).

Added online play also sounds pretty great. Secret of Mana, Super Bomberman, Super Mario Kart. I can think of a number of SNES games I'd love to play online.

As per Nintendo's website:

Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super NES) game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month.

Distressingly, that sounds like a rental, rather than the accumulative manner in which you collect games on PlayStation Plus.

The service will also provide discounts on online purchases for subscribers.


    This is awesome news. Will definitely be signing up to it day one. Seriously hope you get to keep them though instead of losing them as soon as your subscription expires. Although at a guess I'd say it'll more likely be the latter.

    Eh, it's neat enough I guess but I have too many games as it is (and probably own half of these ones already) so it's not much of a sweetener to the whole paid online thing. Even outside of Splatoon I'm not sure there's much if anything I'm interested in playing online, so it sucks to have that stuck behind a paywall now.

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    Free* as you're still paying a monthly subscription just like PS+ and games for Gold.

    If you can play them anytime you're subbed (like PS+) and not just for a month each, that'd keep me subbed - great catalogue of games to work with.

      Yeah, upon re-reading it sounds like you just get to play a title for a month, then it expires and you get a new one. So it's basically trial games. Sorry Nintendo, if that's the case I'd rather just buy the games.

        It's got me thinking that the sub price must be cheaper than the others. They're what, like 60-80 per year or something? And they get full games for keeps every month. So maybe we might be so lucky this is only say $20 for the year or something. As much as I'm not happy about paid online, I could deal with that.

      I no longer have xboxlive gold, and I still have access to my old GFG games. And to be honest, I probably would have 'paid' for the xbl account with free games by now.

    Guarentee right now they never offer anything anyone would really want.

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      IMO they'll give some gold for the first few months but that stream will slowly dry up as the get people used to just shilling out for it.

    IMO they had to nail price, graphics, 3rd party, online.

    Price is fucked, in AU at least.
    Graphics wasn't talked about, gg.
    3rd party, I'm not sure, I didn't see usual AAA multi-platforms apart from FIFA.
    Online - paid? K, well it better be a damn revolution as compared to their current offerings. 1 months trials to 20 year old games isn't a great start.

      How is the AU price fucked? It's equivalent to on shelf EU pricing and is $20 higher than US when you account for included GST. If it's too expensive for you, don't buy it.

        When you price old tegra tech $80 cheaper than a PS4Pro, thats fucked.


      Price is equal to worldwide price
      It runs Nvidia Tegra X1, you can find out how strong it is with a simple google search
      Skyrim, FIFA, NBA2K18, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Steep, I am Setsuna, Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2, Skylanders, Ultra Street Fighter 2, Tales of series, Minecraft (not AAA but a real seller), Blazblue.
      Which console does not charge for online subscription now.


    Does this mean they're going to have a decent account system... like, having one username that'll migrate across consoles, that my friends can search for and play games with, and maybe even a username we can choose ourselves?

    We're going to be stuck with friend codes... aren't we?

      They've had a proper account systems since the WiiU launched, it's called your Nintendo network id (and yes you specify the username name).

    Meh - if they're just rentals, I'll stick to single-player games. I've already bought the same games multiple times from virtual console - it's getting a bit ridiculous.

    Have they announced pricing for this yet? It would want to be a hell of a lot cheaper than PS+ /XBLG if it's just offering a 1 month rental of 1 decades-old game each month.

    That is Nintendos idea of competition with Games with gold or PS plus ?


    Nintendo continuing to prove its incompetent.

    So Nintendo announces a service that's basically been available on other consoles for 10 years but instead of getting several new free games a month, they offer one very old title to rent. Ahhh, typical Nintendo.

    Why all the nes and snes games, why not anything from the 64 or even more recent.

    Has it been confirmed that youll be able to purchase nes/snes/gba/gc games from the virtual store?

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